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Monday, October 26, 2009

New Real Estate Marketing Platform for California Real Estate Professionals

Two of California's largest MLS providers have partnered with eNeighborhoods as charter participants in a new marketing platform for California real estate professionals called Mercado - the Marketplace for California real estate.

Pomona-based Multi Regional MLS and Sacramento-based Metrolist Services have joined eNeighborhoods, a leading compiler of neighborhood information and marketing systems, and a division of Dominion Enterprises, to launch the new system to a combined 50,000 MLS participants and subscribers in Northern and Southern California.

Mercado is a Web-based marketing system that builds on the foundation of MLSAlliance, a search platform that joins multiple California MLS databases and provides real estate professionals with a single gateway to listing data across the state. Mercado provides access to the combined MLS Alliance database that represents 15 MLS organizations with more than 128,000 users and 4.5 million active and off-market listings.

Mercado adds Web-based marketing tools to the existing search platform which includes CMA, BuyerTour, and Design Center, a direct marketing application. Mercado Neighborhood Reports and IDX tools also are available.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Property in Green Meadows, Philippines for Sale

For sale is a property in Green Meadows in Pasig City Philippines:

  • Lot Area = 805 sq.m.

  • FA = 600 sqm more or less

  • Date constructed = 2004 (last quarter)

  • Well-ventilated

  • Environmentally green designed

  • Quality Materials Used

  • 4 Bedrooms with own toilet & bath

  • 1 servant's quarters with own toilet & bath

  • 1 powder room

  • 2 kitchens (clean & dirty)

  • 6 cars garage

  • Atrium

  • Lanai

  • Garden

  • Front & Back balcony

Asking Price is PHP 46,000,000

For more pictures and inquiries, please email first to

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Backyard Fun Time with The Fire Magic Grill

Those in the real estate business know that for many homeowners, having a backyard is very important and non-negotiable. New homeowners are especially keen on having this because of all the grilling and backyard parties they plan to have. Grilling, as it is known, is a favorite pastime for many people, including those who aren't at all interested in cooking but would like to enjoy and relax once in awhile.

Speaking of grilling and entertaining… the perfect backyard party has one very important key ingredient --- the food! And the kind of equipment one uses for preparing the food matters a lot. One does not necessarily have to own the most fancy, high tech equipment for this though…because the secret to grilling is actually in the heat.

You can actually get a good grill with just the right, reasonable price and some particular features. Among many grill enthusiasts, it seems that the Fire Magic Grill is one of the best sellers. With a heat temperature that goes to almost 1000 degrees, even many steak restaurants in New York City recommend this very functional equipment.

The Fire Magic Grill cooks meat at just the right juicy texture. It’s especially great because it is designed to easily sear the food to keep all the juices intact. Its stainless steel finish is also a fabulous feature, and dare I say, adds a touch of elegance in the backyard. With both form and function down to pat, I should say this is the perfect backyard companion to install in the house.

As with most types of popular products, the Fire Magic Grill comes in a variety of designs and models. Choose one that matches your preference --- electric grill, charcoal grill, natural or propane gas grill --- there should be one that meets what you need. The equipment also comes with a host of add-ons and accessories, making backyard grilling a lot more fun but less challenging. The machine is built to support add-ons like cast iron griddles, oven hoods or frying kits and plenty more.

The beauty of this grill is you don’t have to be an expert cook to prepare a meal that pleases your guests. The grill makes it possible for you to serve the best tasting barbequed menus, sometimes even with restaurant quality. It’s also easy to operate and safe to use. So, even while you prepare the meal, you can still manage to enjoy your own backyard party with your friends and family.

So, the next time you plan to have an awesome relaxing weekend get together in the backyard, then consider having a Fire Magic Grill. If you already have one, improve it with some accessories or add-ons then.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Site to Distribute Handcrafted Home Décor

Becky Whitener has always been fascinated by the imaginative mind and self discipline that's necessary to create the artwork of hand-blown glass. From the first time she witnessed an artist at work, carefully shaping the malleable medium into what would become an elaborately decorative piece of work, she was mesmerized by the bright colors and delicately intricate design. In an effort to transform her passion for art - specifically hand-blown glass - into a prosperous online business that would spread the love and appreciation of the craft, she created

When browsing Whitener's Web site customers can skim through the vast assortment of hand-blown glass items available for purchase. Varieties of figurines, lamps and chandeliers, perfume bottles, ornaments, platters and bowls, vases, sculptures and vessel sinks have been handcrafted by a group of elite, professional glass artists. Shoppers will be pleased to know that they can place a custom order, designed specifically to meet the appropriate measurements and colors for their home.

Launched in September of 2009, Whitener boasts that her business is geared toward the patron and focuses on meeting the needs of each customer. Every artist that she works with is located within the United States and provides an abundance of handcrafted glass art to contribute to her customized and classy Web site.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Survey Shows Impact of Foreclosures on Local Communities

It's a myth that property owners and renters are the only victims of the economic crisis that has resulted in the foreclosure of millions of homes in the United States. The reality is that foreclosures, especially when clustered, affect entire communities economically, emotionally and psychologically.

Psychological impacts and economic decline linked to foreclosures

While most complaints - overgrown lawns, property damage and garbage dumping - seem relatively minor, they can cause psychological impacts and economic decline that follow other foreclosures crises in the past.

Several studies have previously shown that the effect on a neighborhood with several foreclosures can result in economic hardship for neighbors and businesses. A study by Fannie Mae in 2006 showed that one foreclosure listing within an eighth of a mile of a home could reduce its property value by 0.9 percent. Another study in Chicago valued the decline from one foreclosure at $1,870 per property within an eighth of a mile.

More insidious, however, are the psychological and emotional effects of foreclosures on a neighborhood. The evidence of neglect often attracts squatters, vandals and criminals, leaving a neighborhood appearing disheveled and abandoned. This creates a spiral of despair among those left behind.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Composting toilets, flush away the waste

When it comes to your home we all want to make it the best it can be after all over half of out life we will be located there so why not make it the best. Aside from the kitchen or the living room there is one area is everybody’s home that tends to get a lot of traffic, that is of course the bathroom, but specifically the toilet. The problem with most bathrooms and toilets is the amount of waste including the excess water wasted everyday is to high so now more that ever its time for homes to try out a new compost toilet and stop the waste.

Firstly think of the benefits of actually been able to compost at home and then you will start to realize how its a must have for you and your family. Eco friendly is a status most people are starting to call themselves, its a new way to live your life where you get through each day with as little damage done to the planet as possible in many different ways, it includes changing things in your home to a more Eco way. Composting toilets is an excellent start to this way of life and more than worthy of the money spent on a good quality one.

When you have decided to make the change and are searching on your journey you will be pleased to know that their are many options to suit each individuals needs. For a start you could consider self contained composting toilets which reduce human waste and water waste directly from your home. In most homes over 90% of waste from the toilet is water and with a composting toilet that figure will decrease dramatically with over 6,100 gallons saved each minute and best of all no pollution that is an excellent change.

The other options you could have include a central composting toilet system and even add some accessories for your new toilet. You can also chose from waterless, electric or non electric in a range of sizes. A compost toilet will not only benefit the planet but also you and your families home, just think of all that excess waste a regular toilet will build up everyday and how much better of you are for making the change and choosing the right toilet, and remember the earth will thank you for it.