Friday, April 01, 2011

Bosch Commemorates Earth Day

Being environmentally friendly is more than just a trend or a statement, it has become a lifestyle for many who value the environment and the future. Our client, Bosch, takes this commitment seriously.

For example, Bosch does not produce any top-loading washers simply because these significantly consume much more water and energy and causes more wear and tear as compared to front-load washers. By harnessing technologies to produce highly energy efficient appliances, consumers and ultimately the environment benefit.

In commemorating Earth Day on 22nd of April, we would like to share with you some tips on how we could all do our part to sustain the environment, in which we live in. This would be useful content for any Earth Day/sustainability stories that you are writing.

Energy and Water-Saving Tips

- Turn off switches on standby mode

- Recycle items used on a daily basis, such as plastic cups and bottles, cans, containers and paper

- Turn off the water while washing dishes, or better still use a dishwasher as it saves up to 200L of water compared to washing by hand via an open tap. Using a Bosch dishwasher saves up to five times more water as compared to washing dishes by hand.

- Only use energy-savings home appliances accredited by the Public Utilities Board (PUB)

Bosch Presents Award-winning Green Products with its Signature, ‘Green Technology’

Recognising that about 90% of energy consumption occurs during the actual use of a home appliance product, Bosch only produces eco-friendly products that exceed minimum energy efficiency ratings.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, products are designed with safety top of mind, along with economic use of resources and a responsibility towards the environment. The company’s dishwashers are today ranked No. 1 in Europe.

Bosch offers its customers solutions that are thought through to the smallest detail, and that are intelligent as they are efficient.

Bosch ActiveWater Eco² Dishwasher

The Bosch ActiveWater Eco² dishwasher, the world’s most economical dishwasher include two innovative technologies in one energy saving appliance: ActiveWater water management and ZeoliteTM drying. ActiveWater Eco² dishwashers use only 6.5L of water and 0.73 kwH of electricity to clean 13 place settings – providing consumers with the lowest water and energy consumption of all time in a dishwasher. The ZeoliteTM drying technology uses the natural silicate mineral, zeolite, to store moisture and energy, which is then fed back into the interior as hot air for the drying process. This technology is also a winner of the Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment 2010.

The Bosch ActiveWater Eco² dishwasher is now firmly established as the world’s most economical dishwashers.

Bosch i-Dos EcoLogixx 8 Washing Machine

The i-Dos EcoLogixx 8 washing machine uses special sensors to analyse the wash load, precisely measure and dispense the detergent liquid through integrated submerged pumps. This precise system means there is no detergent residue and less foam in the wash as the machine knows the exact amount of water needed. Thus, less detergent is wasted and there is also more water savings of up to 7.062 litres a year! The energy efficient mechanism saves 30% more energy than Europes’ highest energy efficient, ‘Class A’ rating.

ColourGlass Refrigerator

Covered in a layer of pure glass, the ColourGlass refrigerator has won numerous design prizes, including the renned IF design Award 2010 just recently. With up to 45% less energy use than those rated ‘A’, this means enormous potential savings because refrigerators and freezers are in operation all year long and have the longest lifetime of all household appliances. The ColourGlass uses LED light, and compared to the conventional refrigerator lights, LEDs are stylish and practical, and most importantly, they last for the life of the refrigerator and use less electricity than conventional refrigerator lights.

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Recent Bosch awards include the Utopia Award 2010 for its Zeolite dishwasher, which consumes 30% less electricity than most energy efficient dishwashers to date.

In 2010, Bosch dryers were awarded Singapore’s most energy efficient by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) in its annual, ‘10% Energy Challenge’.

In 2011, Bosch washing machines are awarded Superbrand status, establishing it as Singapore’s favourite in an independent survey by the Nielson Company.