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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eco-Renovate your Home

Rather than move or give up on your home, you can always renovate. You don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals used in paints and home improvements of your interiors, there are eco-friendly options you can turn to as far as the interior designing enhancement of home interiors are concerned.

Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen or the living room, the normal recourse would be to turn to wallpapers or repainting. For both instances, you can check out the eco-friendly solutions that home improvement companies have at the moment. If you are in doubt, there are people like Justine Potts who can show you the way.

When Justine Potts set up Market London, a renovation and interior-design service in 2006, the property market was booming and most of her clients were looking to move. For a fee, Potts, who has an architectural background, would tell them what to do to their homes to maximise the amount of money they would fetch. What a difference two years make.

“When I first launched the company, it was 100% people wanting to sell,” says Potts. “Now it’s 100% the other way round. Even when it comes to setting a budget, people are looking at how much they would have spent on stamp duty and legal fees to move and are spending that.”

(Source) Times Online

Friday, August 22, 2008

Aaron Spelling's Widow Transferring to $47 Million Condominium

For millionaires and celebrities who have been used to the living large syndrome, you would be surprised at how they could adjust towards the cramped living of condominiums if they had to. In fact, some people who have been living in big homes with their families are known to have a difficult time to live on their own in apartments and condominiums so you have to wonder how big names could possibly fit in to the modern shoebox homes these days called condominiums.

But for Candy Spelling, the widow of television producer Aaron Spelling of Charlie’s Angels fame, she has declared that she is ready to give up living her manor for a $47 million condo. Whoa! If that is the price for the condo, you have to wonder what would be included in that eh? Also, how much could The Manor be worth right now?

For some people, it goes way beyond living filthy rich. Companionship is one issue. If you are a widow and living in a big house, who could be there to hear you or you could talk to?

This is perhaps one reason for her decided shift. It is great to live in large homes but with no one to share it with, it is totally worthless.

“People say, How can you move from The Manor? There’s no place like it,” Mrs. Spelling said, sitting in the library with leatherbound scripts of every episode of Mr. Spelling’s shows, from “Charlie’s Angels” to “7th Heaven.”

But a condo, she said, “is no different than a house, maybe even better.”

Mrs. Spelling is the most conspicuous buyer in an ultraluxury condo market that is new in the sprawl of Los Angeles, where wealth and fame have usually spelled out “estate,” not apartment living. But real estate experts say a New York-style luxury high-rise lifestyle is creeping into the wealthiest echelons, fed by trends like people looking to own more than one home, foreigners drawn by the weak dollar to invest in Los Angeles, and new residential buildings being designed by celebrity architects like Robert A. M. Stern, Richard Meier and Jean Nouvel.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leather Up your Old Furniture

One thing about old furniture, modern designs these days come in class if they are in leather. Most of us may have a couple of sofas or even lazyboys around and one thing you will notice is that it is hard to maintain them. Leather is not easily washable and if you are not careful on upkeep, chances are they will easily dilapidate in quality.

But thanks to new ideas and concepts, you can always turn to leather covers to liven them up again. For the normal leather furniture, this is a good option. On the other hand, if you have been using that traditional cloth linen to protect your sofa or couch, why not upgrade it to these leather covers? Not only are you spicing up your furnishings but you are also upgrading to the modern design concepts that everyone is gearing to.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Prime House and Lot For Sale in Mandaluyong, Philippines

A prime house and lot, 5 years old, is being sold in the area of Mandaluyong Philippines. The property is situated in one of the prime spots of Mandaluyong City, Philippines and is being offered at PHP 20 Million (negotiable).


1. Lot Area: 212 SQ/M
2. Floor Area: 267 SQ/M
3. 4 Bedrooms
4. 4 TB
5. 2 Car Garage

email: the Letter of Intent or for site visit scheduling 3 days in advance.