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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Refinishing Your Furniture and Save Some Money

Stainless steel table with eucalyptus wood FSC...While many of us right now are facing stress involving out finances, that doesn’t stop life from turning.  At times that may mean you need more room, or even new furniture.

Refinishing , or even going fully do it yourself can save a lot of money.  While, it’s not for everyone (and some of us don’t seem to have any sort of ingrained builder genes) but, sometimes just painting a piece of furniture can give it that new look that makes it much better.

Utilizing things like stencils, or even for the more daring decoupage techniques may improve your furniture. 

For those that may be a bit more able to build, anything from simply removing of doors on a cabinet to create simple shelves, or other types of revamping may do the trick.

Either way, the sky is the limit of what you can turn that old piece of junk into.


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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Real Estate Investing? There’s an App for that

Second generation iPod Touch.

Almost any conceivable thing out there has an app for the iPhone.  Real estate isn’t any different, if you are looking for a new family home- or to invest in some new property- it seems that there really is an app for that.

There are many lists out there, but if you are looking to get behind the scenes, it may help to have what the pros have and grab one of the apps listed in this article.  They are definitely useful and may come in handy in a real estate search.

The iPhone and iPod touch both use the handy mini-programs, and the developers of the programs are really pushing the envelope.  While not too long ago the real estate apps were few and far in between, they’ve really begun growing lately.

Do you have a favorite that you use?  Post about it in the comments!


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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Organizing Holiday Decorations: Quick Tips

Christmas Ornaments 3

Image by Randy Son Of Robert via Flickr

With most of the holiday season behind us- the ‘cleaning up’ phase is about to begin.  Below are some tips to store your holiday decorations to save time and hassle from being a problem next year.

  • Use used up wrapping paper tubes to wrap up lights.  Wind the lights around and cut slits in both ends of the tube for the plugs.  This will keep them neat and tidy (and tangle free!).
  • Empty egg cartons and tissue paper can help keep your breakable ornaments neat and safe.
  • Label anything with multiple pieces!  This will help when it’s time to put them back together.

Label things with painter’s tape will help prevent residue from sticking to your holiday items as well.  If you are using boxes as storage, label everything that is in them as well.


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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Commercial Real-estate May Collapse Soon

ALMERIA, SPAIN - APRIL 04:  A sign, viewed fro...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife


Due to lack of liquidity, the commercial end of real estate may be going through some rough times soon.  The lack of consumers putting funds into the sector due to understandable consumer hesitation is the main reason behind the bleak outlook.

While some areas are still looking up, others seem to be causing more and more concern.

According to Moody’s Investors Service Inc, prices were down 36 percent from a year earlier and are 44 percent below the peak in October 2007. Also, commercial property brokers Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. and Grubb & Ellis Co said that due to unemployment, office vacancies could hit 20 percent next year.


It may take longer for the overall economy to show improvements across the board, longer in fact than the recession has even lasted.  While there is already a dim light at the end of the tunnel.


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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Be a Rock Star Real Estate Investor

Picture of the "Gingerbread House" i...

Image via Wikipedia


While predicting and going through with investments may not be your ‘thing’ going into real estate- especially when an economy is just picking up- can turn into dividends.

Keeping an eye on the market in your area is really the primary tip.  Also considering that, while the market is at this moment and the fact that is won’t be this ways forever- if you do have the funds laying around- you can potentially profit.

If you do have the funds, now would be a fantastic time to consider options.  The market prices have and are falling due to the recession.  While your credit score at this moment is important, if it is lower- work hard on raising it.  If it is already good- you may be okay to go.

Flipping houses may be a good way to start.  Buying  a ‘fixer-upper’, making it fabulous, and holding it (at least until the market recovers fully) and then selling could be a great way to get into the market.

While this is still as risky as it was in the past, researching your market area and potential buyers could save a lot of time and expense.  The old saying ‘Buy Low- Sell High’ is the main thing you want to remember.  After all, even with revamping homes- you (like any other business) want to turn an actual profit.

Being able to hold onto the property is the key right now, so if you are one of the lucky ones right now who can afford to hold onto a home, it may be the prime time to grab it.



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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some Areas Experiencing Some Growth

City of Montreal

Image via Wikipedia\

Canada has reported that their real estate market has continued to grow, despite the concerns elsewhere.  In total about a full 67% growth posted, when compared to the last year around the same time.  This is some good news, not only for Canada- but elsewhere as well. 

It shows that the market may finally be recovering from the harsh climate of late, and leads to new found hopes for the worldwide community that has been effected by the Recession. 

While Canada isn’t alone, there (of late) other areas posting growth as well.  This is some unexpected good news for economists, especially taken with the job market growing as well.  While seasoned employees have been finally starting to find work, it does seem to be displacing the high school and fresh out of college workforce.

Although with baited breath, some are saying that this new market may be the start of another bubble- it may just be simple fears still in the air.  We can hope that the same mistakes that have caused the present fears won’t be repeated, and unfortunately it seems that’s all we can do. 

While new laws will be going into effect soon, primarily involving the credit markets and loans, there’s no real way of knowing for a fact if they will make a difference if and when another bubble is ready to burst.



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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Save Some Dough and Buy a New Printer?

Printer Ink Tubes

Image by djvu83 via Flickr

A viral story going around at the moment is about how you can save some serious cash over scorning new ink in favor of buying a whole new printer instead.  On the surface it seems outright silly and there’s no way it could possibly be right, right?

Well, truthfully- the sales model of printers is similar to that of razors.  The brand new razor is fairly inexpensive.  The way the companies actually make money is the replacement razor (or, ink in this case). 

The average cost of a new printer for average home use?  Anywhere from $30-$80, while the ink is easily double that.

Depending on your needs with a printer, you could easily save a surprising amount of money.  Keeping in mind that many new printers come with the ink packaged with them. 

As for the old printer?  Donate it to a worthy cause, or even sell it online. 

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Crazy (But Very Cool) Holiday Gifts From


While I will be the first to admit, I really love this year they have more than outdone themselves with holiday gift goodies.  Even if that special person (or persons, for that matter) may not be any kind of hardcore geek, they still should have something for almost any taste, or fan base.

They have so many different and creative gifting ideas that it is hard to pick just a few to feature, including quite a few for the older kids.  The winner of a ‘Best of 2009’ toy award and all around very great idea is the Bucky Balls, which features rare earth magnets to make up one incredibly awesome toy.  The image from this toy is the same one as up above.

While that is just one, the whole website has so many fun and creative gifting ideas for this holiday season.  Someone could really make their gift stand apart from the usual socks/ underwear combination that kids (especially) dread.

They really do seem to have everything and something for almost any taste, from zombies to Star Wars.  Within that same incredible selection could just be your perfect gift.


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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Fed: Real Estate is Still Dragging



Even though the Fed is saying that the retail sector of the United States market is growing, especially through the holiday season it seems real estate is still behind.  While, this isn’t a surprise in the least.  After the recession of late especially, many who could still afford a new home are understandably hesitant. 

There hasn’t been enough in the way of positives either to create any sort of ‘warm feelings’ over the market of late either.  Although things are starting to get better, and there is an expectation of the trickle effect.  There’s no real doubt that eventually things will certainly look up, it’s a matter of getting there. 

The Fed said retailers across the country were growing more optimistic about holiday sales. But the central bank warned that home prices in many markets were still declining and said that severe distress in the commercial real estate market continued to present formidable barriers to economic recovery.


Yet, when it all does go back to ‘normal’ many precautions need to be considered to avoid more of the same.  Many others are looking into ways to add more certainty to all aspects of credit, loans, and the rest of the financial side of things.

While this leads to a large amount of uncertainty, if you can afford it- you can brace yourself for the next bubble growth. 

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Finding Great Furniture For Less

Craigslist bed loft Ikea furniture

Image by dombrassey via Flickr



Many people are in need of new furniture, from students to new families.  No one really wants to spend too much, so where (and how) can you find quality furniture that won’t break the bank?

There are people out there that are willing to trade or even give away some furniture that they simply don’t need anymore.

Friends and Family / /Craigslist:  You may want to talk to friends and family first, who knows maybe they are willing to help and get rid of things they don’t want anymore.  Freecycle is a great place to find people who are willing to give something near you.  Craigslist may be another option if you are willing to spend a little bit.

Don’t bother taking something however because it’s being offered.  If you really cannot use the item, it will simply be taking up space in your home. 

If the item is broken, and you have a habit of putting things off- skip it. 

Avoid accepting things like mattress, while they will cost more the expense will still be better than inviting potential allergens and pests into your home.

Thoroughly clean everything before it enters your home.

Don’t avoid taking things due to superficial issues.  If the price is indeed right, remember you can always sand and paint items.



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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cost Saving Decorating Tips



Painted Wooden Chest Furniture

While there are many places to purchase artwork, not many people think of actually making their own.  If someone isn’t ‘artistically inclined’ they may think that there is no other choice.  There are however options for those who may want to decorate yet may not be as artistically inclined as some that won’t break the bank.

From wall art to those little special touches, there is a way to save money on it all. 

  • Don’t be afraid to reuse and repurpose pieces you may already have.  Something as simple as a quick fresh coat of paint to a piece of furniture can really spruce up a space. 
  • Draping some fabric around your windows is another easy and cheap way to give some freshness to your space.  Aim for a simple pattern or a solid color that matches and /or coordinates something in the room already (think a couch, chair, or something smaller).
  • A simple rearranging of present furniture in combination with some fresh paint, or even a new cover for your couch or chairs can add in some brand new personality to your space.

A can of paint, or a few yards of fabric is both an easy and cheaper way to give to life to an older space. 


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Image by AndyRob via Flickr

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bold and Basic: Design Trends in 2010


Many designers have been moving back to the basics, large pieces and bold colors.  The image above illustrates that trend gorgeously. Another thing that has been appearing a lot more is designers choosing a few colors and using those colors only throughout. 

While in the past they choose rather muted colors, many have been focusing of bold and bright tones.  The look is absolutely stunning.  With even smaller accent pieces picking up on the overall scheme (as illustrated by the image below).

2241915078_cf7cd64409The overall look is easy to create by using paint, fabric and some DIY know how it can really make any room look amazing. 

Aim for basic shapes and cut out pieces and glue them to some canvas, or even painted wood.  The basic colors work the best, and it will look as if you spend a ton of cash to buy it.  Plus, just adding in some color really can take any drab room look much more vibrant.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tech and Furniture


While it’s all over some television shows (think CSI and it’s brethren) no one has really managed to mix technology and furniture into something that the masses at large have truly bought into.  The only one around that will even come to mind is the Microsoft Surface, which combines that of a pc and a table.

While it has (even still) a lot of promise, it simply isn’t in the average person’s price range.  No matter that a computer can be found for cheap, most people simply aren’t willing to spend the money on a piece like the Microsoft Surface, at least until the price comes down a bit.

Yet, it’s almost inevitable.  Eventually there will be a booming market for the mixture of tech and furniture.  When it will happen is really anyone’s guess, but the more technology integrates into our everyday lives, it’s seeming that it will be sooner rather than later.

While right now, only the truly geeky may grab things like the Microsoft Surface, eventually it will be everyone.  At least, as soon as a truly average consumer price is available.


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Friday, November 20, 2009

Eccentric Furniture Designs



Artists can be an incredibly eccentric group.  Part of the reason some become popular is their refusal to go by social norms, while many may find that paint on canvas is their style others aim for larger projects. 

Furniture is something we all have and see in our daily lives, and it’s just there and most of us are just used to it.  Some artists out there however aren’t content with seeing a couch as just a couch- they create some amazing art out of them.  In researching this article, there are many artists devoted to such a new take as the ‘same old thing’ and their creations are really something fresh and new.

The Edra collection is unique, and while many may scoff at it the images of the pieces the artist creates are really amazing.  The form and function of the pieces are really nothing like most of what is out there.


The website is definitely worth a look: The Edra Collection


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cool Tools: Change Your Look Without Lifting a Brush



Image via Wikipedia

With all of the modern advancements of computer programs there is now a way to completely revamp a room's look without so much as lifting a brush to your walls. There are many programs out there to help you achieve the look of your dreams virtually before you recreate the same look in your home. Here is a quick Google search that has a ton of programs to choose from.

Many of the programs let you fill out what your room looks like presently (while they do achieve this differently) and then let you change the look and feel by adding in furniture, wall decor, and many other things before you go ahead and recreate this in your home.

These programs can save you a lot of time by moving everything virtually until it’s what you are looking for.  The lack of stress and frustration at moving the pieces virtually will also save you from having to redo everything all over again.

While there are many home design online tips and tricks, in the end it’s all about you and your personal taste.  After all, you are the one who will be living in your home.  These programs will let you explore your own personal creativity and sense of what you like.  Not to mention the huge amount of time and money you can potentially save by doing it yourself!



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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hack Your Ikea Wares Into Something Stunning

Ikea International Group

Image via Wikipedia

Swedish furniture retailing giant Ikea has a lot of rather affordable pieces that you put together yourself.  While this does make them the punch lines for a few jokes, their items are nice- if a bit boring.  Now, there is a blog dedicated to showing you how to take your Ikea item and transform it into something completely yours, and rather cool if I may add.

The website runs the gambit from complete transformations, to simple repurposing of items from the retailer.  A personal favorite is the make-up organizer below.


It’s just gorgeous. 

While this blogger can confess to loving the Ikea store, for those that don’t look at them much this may change your mind.


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rock Chairs


Now, when most of us think of chairs we think of the standard.  One designer however has imagined the standard into something that’s both creative and truly unique.  The rock chair is almost like a bean bag, and they really do look like boulders. 


You may need a bit of space, but as this image shows redoing a room using these does look incredibly cool.  Check out the artists’ website here:  LivingStones

These are really funky and original.  The concept really is brilliant, even if the average person can’t really swing a whole ‘rock’ room, adding in a couple could really make a room look pretty funky. 


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Live Long And Comfortable: The Coolest Geeky Home Goods

If you are looking for a gift for yourself or a special geek in your life, look no further. 

The Ultimate Personalize Gift: DNA Art 


Sure, you could just put a name or a photo on something and call it personalized but with this actual one-of-a-kind gift you can make sure that no one else has the same artwork.  While this may not be the best gift for someone new in your life, as you need a cheek swap (although, that would be a pretty big ice breaker).

Sushi Pillows


This is a great gift for someone with a sense of humor (and aesthetics).  This funky pillows look a lot like that raw fish treat some people love. While those who may not like the food all that much, many can appreciate just how awesome these pillows look.

Laser Guided Scissors


While sure, you may not need laser precision but what if one day you do?  Better yet- what if you just want an incredibly awesome set of geeked out scissors?  Hmm? What then?!

DaysAgo Fridge Timer


If you have a friend anything like me, they tend to have a lot of questionably aged things in their fridge.  This gift would be perfect for them, plus handy to avoid a lot of wasted food.



Otterbox iPhone 3G/3Gs Commuter and Commuter TL Series Casings


Easy as Just a Cliq

Monday, November 09, 2009

Using Era-Specific Themes to Update Your Space





I love the colors at play in the photo above.  In addition to the furniture being light wood, and all in the white and pine color scheme it’s really and light and fresh design.  

What’s old tend to come back around as the latest styles.  It seems that it’s a natural ebb and flow- even with home design and furnishings.  While most probably shouldn’t try and create a 1920’s speak easy style, or even a 1950’s era diner- you can still have some fun with retro and vintage style.

To make the style work, try to incorporate designs from specific eras, and avoid mixing them too much.  You don’t have to redo your entire room (as mentioned above) you can easily incorporate a few select pieces to tie it all together.

While those select pieces can be anything from wall art to furniture, it depends on the look and room you are looking to improve.

The trick is to search out key pieces that will tie your room together, and think in relation to space and overall desired look.  If space is limited opt for smaller pieces that offer the look you are going for. 

Wall art can quickly update your space to make it all pop more.  It’s also a fabulous option for those who don’t want to spend too much money.  You can search online for prints and posters of era specific advertisements and paintings and frame them up on your wall.  A very fun look is finding a few that use the same general main colors and mix them with some complimentary colors.


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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Get Drastic: Help for the Color Phobic



As an artist I dread and loathe white walls.  It’s boring, and everywhere. 

So many people will spend so long on proper furnishing and making everything fit just so in a room but they are afraid of color.

The image above is a color wheel.  It’s a fabulous tool usually used by artists, but it can also be a great tool for home decor.  

The Color Wheel Breakdown:

The primary colors are Red, Blue, Yellow.  Think of the primary colors are the very basic options, they are called primary colors due to them being the only colors you cannot get by a mixture of others.

The rest of the colors are just various mixtures of those three.  You will notice that there is no black or white areas, black and white aren’t normally considered colors (they are shades).

The opposite colors on the wheel are complimentary colors, and the ones in the same grouping are the ‘temperatures’ of the color warm and cool).

While there is more, that is really the basics.  The example color wheel above is a bit more in depth that usual, and you can go to any art supply store and get one for next to nothing.  The ones you can buy usually turn and give more information on complimentary colors and a bit more.

When looking for a color scheme, first think of a nice color.  For the sake of an example let’s say sage green.

Sage Green:


Now, look at the color wheel, opposite green is purple.  While a full toned purple may be too much, a lighter color like lavender may be nice.



To be basic, in looking at the color wheel above consider the separate rings and choose based upon the complimentary color within the same ring.  While my example of sage and lavender may not be for you, there is a whole slew of options depending on your personal choice.



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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Small Things That Add Elegance


Image by markomni via Flickr









There are some rooms in places that simply can take your breath away.  Between some overall design aspect, to those special touches that can make almost any room announce it’s presence. 

If you are looking for some simple design projects that can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home, this post is directed at you!

  • Don’t be afraid to go dark, even if it’s just small touches like curtains or similar.  Adding deep and rich reds and browns to a room can increase the elegant atmosphere.
  • Adding a few select pieces to a room using a dark wood can also help.  You can either stain it yourself, or look for a piece in a second hand store or a even an antique store.
  • Opt for an airy feel by selecting pieces that have smaller legs or more delicate overall looks to them if you are worried about closing in a room.
  • Splurge on a few feet of velvet (or similar heavy material) and drape it around windows.  In combination with a darker cream colored underneath is a stunning look!

You don’t have to redecorate everything, just by using a few select pieces you can create a entirely different atmosphere. 

This overall look can be combined with a darker red wall for that amazing touch in a bedroom or even a dining room. 

Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment with color!

When you consider how little paint can cost, if it really doesn’t look right, you can always just redo it.


The right kind of Light Bulbs

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Creating Atmosphere: Setting the Scene For Selling Your Home


A table set for two people.

Image via Wikipedia

Selling your home can be a hard thing, with today’s uncertain  market this process can be quite a bit more difficult.  While the comparison may seem a bit odd, think of setting your home to sell to setting up a movie set.  Proper props will make the movie better while props that aren’t as fitting will make it all seem off.

The real goal of staging your home is to fully highlight the home’s strength’s and downplay any weakness.  While the potential set up may not be the best for living day-to-day, a good piece of advice during this time is to think of it like camping out while waiting for it to sell. 

Staging Your Home For Sale:

While it may seem almost as if it’s defeating the purpose, proper staging of your home can make for an important selling point.  When someone is looking for a new home, they are actively trying to imagine their family living there.  Furnishings, while the goal is to be a minimal as possible, can make a large difference.


  • Keeping the very basics in the home, can make a large impression on potential buyers. 
  • Get rid of clutter.  If you must keep some things, store them away in a temporary storage place (rent one, or have a friend of family member hold on to them).
  • It’s okay to leave some furnishings in the home.  In fact it can add to the overall ‘lived in’ feel to it, and help potential buyers immerse themselves with the thought of living there, and increasing the chance for them to buy the home.  Try and keep things spaced out and clutter free.

While some things may not be possible for everyone, some other things you can do are:

  • When setting the home, try are maximize space.  Remove larger pieces of furniture, but leave things like beds, couches, and the normal ‘everyday’ items.  Things like toothbrushes, shampoo, and the like are okay as long as all the personal items are very minimal.
  • Create a fantasy environment, potential buyers are looking at your home and imagining the possibilities.  You want your home to highlight these fantasies, so keep lighting and furnishing minimal and complimentary.

If you are in need of ideas, search around online for design tips.  Image websites like Photobucket are a fantastic source of inspiration for setting  a staged home.  Search for images room by room and get a feel for the elements that tie things in together.



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Monday, October 26, 2009

New Real Estate Marketing Platform for California Real Estate Professionals

Two of California's largest MLS providers have partnered with eNeighborhoods as charter participants in a new marketing platform for California real estate professionals called Mercado - the Marketplace for California real estate.

Pomona-based Multi Regional MLS and Sacramento-based Metrolist Services have joined eNeighborhoods, a leading compiler of neighborhood information and marketing systems, and a division of Dominion Enterprises, to launch the new system to a combined 50,000 MLS participants and subscribers in Northern and Southern California.

Mercado is a Web-based marketing system that builds on the foundation of MLSAlliance, a search platform that joins multiple California MLS databases and provides real estate professionals with a single gateway to listing data across the state. Mercado provides access to the combined MLS Alliance database that represents 15 MLS organizations with more than 128,000 users and 4.5 million active and off-market listings.

Mercado adds Web-based marketing tools to the existing search platform which includes CMA, BuyerTour, and Design Center, a direct marketing application. Mercado Neighborhood Reports and IDX tools also are available.

(Source) Press

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Property in Green Meadows, Philippines for Sale

For sale is a property in Green Meadows in Pasig City Philippines:

  • Lot Area = 805 sq.m.

  • FA = 600 sqm more or less

  • Date constructed = 2004 (last quarter)

  • Well-ventilated

  • Environmentally green designed

  • Quality Materials Used

  • 4 Bedrooms with own toilet & bath

  • 1 servant's quarters with own toilet & bath

  • 1 powder room

  • 2 kitchens (clean & dirty)

  • 6 cars garage

  • Atrium

  • Lanai

  • Garden

  • Front & Back balcony

Asking Price is PHP 46,000,000

For more pictures and inquiries, please email first to

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Backyard Fun Time with The Fire Magic Grill

Those in the real estate business know that for many homeowners, having a backyard is very important and non-negotiable. New homeowners are especially keen on having this because of all the grilling and backyard parties they plan to have. Grilling, as it is known, is a favorite pastime for many people, including those who aren't at all interested in cooking but would like to enjoy and relax once in awhile.

Speaking of grilling and entertaining… the perfect backyard party has one very important key ingredient --- the food! And the kind of equipment one uses for preparing the food matters a lot. One does not necessarily have to own the most fancy, high tech equipment for this though…because the secret to grilling is actually in the heat.

You can actually get a good grill with just the right, reasonable price and some particular features. Among many grill enthusiasts, it seems that the Fire Magic Grill is one of the best sellers. With a heat temperature that goes to almost 1000 degrees, even many steak restaurants in New York City recommend this very functional equipment.

The Fire Magic Grill cooks meat at just the right juicy texture. It’s especially great because it is designed to easily sear the food to keep all the juices intact. Its stainless steel finish is also a fabulous feature, and dare I say, adds a touch of elegance in the backyard. With both form and function down to pat, I should say this is the perfect backyard companion to install in the house.

As with most types of popular products, the Fire Magic Grill comes in a variety of designs and models. Choose one that matches your preference --- electric grill, charcoal grill, natural or propane gas grill --- there should be one that meets what you need. The equipment also comes with a host of add-ons and accessories, making backyard grilling a lot more fun but less challenging. The machine is built to support add-ons like cast iron griddles, oven hoods or frying kits and plenty more.

The beauty of this grill is you don’t have to be an expert cook to prepare a meal that pleases your guests. The grill makes it possible for you to serve the best tasting barbequed menus, sometimes even with restaurant quality. It’s also easy to operate and safe to use. So, even while you prepare the meal, you can still manage to enjoy your own backyard party with your friends and family.

So, the next time you plan to have an awesome relaxing weekend get together in the backyard, then consider having a Fire Magic Grill. If you already have one, improve it with some accessories or add-ons then.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Site to Distribute Handcrafted Home Décor

Becky Whitener has always been fascinated by the imaginative mind and self discipline that's necessary to create the artwork of hand-blown glass. From the first time she witnessed an artist at work, carefully shaping the malleable medium into what would become an elaborately decorative piece of work, she was mesmerized by the bright colors and delicately intricate design. In an effort to transform her passion for art - specifically hand-blown glass - into a prosperous online business that would spread the love and appreciation of the craft, she created

When browsing Whitener's Web site customers can skim through the vast assortment of hand-blown glass items available for purchase. Varieties of figurines, lamps and chandeliers, perfume bottles, ornaments, platters and bowls, vases, sculptures and vessel sinks have been handcrafted by a group of elite, professional glass artists. Shoppers will be pleased to know that they can place a custom order, designed specifically to meet the appropriate measurements and colors for their home.

Launched in September of 2009, Whitener boasts that her business is geared toward the patron and focuses on meeting the needs of each customer. Every artist that she works with is located within the United States and provides an abundance of handcrafted glass art to contribute to her customized and classy Web site.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Survey Shows Impact of Foreclosures on Local Communities

It's a myth that property owners and renters are the only victims of the economic crisis that has resulted in the foreclosure of millions of homes in the United States. The reality is that foreclosures, especially when clustered, affect entire communities economically, emotionally and psychologically.

Psychological impacts and economic decline linked to foreclosures

While most complaints - overgrown lawns, property damage and garbage dumping - seem relatively minor, they can cause psychological impacts and economic decline that follow other foreclosures crises in the past.

Several studies have previously shown that the effect on a neighborhood with several foreclosures can result in economic hardship for neighbors and businesses. A study by Fannie Mae in 2006 showed that one foreclosure listing within an eighth of a mile of a home could reduce its property value by 0.9 percent. Another study in Chicago valued the decline from one foreclosure at $1,870 per property within an eighth of a mile.

More insidious, however, are the psychological and emotional effects of foreclosures on a neighborhood. The evidence of neglect often attracts squatters, vandals and criminals, leaving a neighborhood appearing disheveled and abandoned. This creates a spiral of despair among those left behind.

(Source) Press

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Composting toilets, flush away the waste

When it comes to your home we all want to make it the best it can be after all over half of out life we will be located there so why not make it the best. Aside from the kitchen or the living room there is one area is everybody’s home that tends to get a lot of traffic, that is of course the bathroom, but specifically the toilet. The problem with most bathrooms and toilets is the amount of waste including the excess water wasted everyday is to high so now more that ever its time for homes to try out a new compost toilet and stop the waste.

Firstly think of the benefits of actually been able to compost at home and then you will start to realize how its a must have for you and your family. Eco friendly is a status most people are starting to call themselves, its a new way to live your life where you get through each day with as little damage done to the planet as possible in many different ways, it includes changing things in your home to a more Eco way. Composting toilets is an excellent start to this way of life and more than worthy of the money spent on a good quality one.

When you have decided to make the change and are searching on your journey you will be pleased to know that their are many options to suit each individuals needs. For a start you could consider self contained composting toilets which reduce human waste and water waste directly from your home. In most homes over 90% of waste from the toilet is water and with a composting toilet that figure will decrease dramatically with over 6,100 gallons saved each minute and best of all no pollution that is an excellent change.

The other options you could have include a central composting toilet system and even add some accessories for your new toilet. You can also chose from waterless, electric or non electric in a range of sizes. A compost toilet will not only benefit the planet but also you and your families home, just think of all that excess waste a regular toilet will build up everyday and how much better of you are for making the change and choosing the right toilet, and remember the earth will thank you for it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BuildDirect Launches New Range of Slate Tile Flooring

BuildDirect expands their range of slate tile flooring by launching 'French pattern' slate tile for the first time. Consumers can expect the slip-resistance and unique color ranges of slate, now with the appealing layout possibilities of French pattern. French pattern is a new offering in slate tile, more commonly offered with a marble product

BuildDirect offers six brand new selections of Cabot slate tile which can be installed indoors as well as some outdoor locations. The offering is further expanded by a choice in large or 'mini' pattern dimensions in a new 'French pattern' layout style.

French pattern tile has been a common style offering connected with travertine and marble tile. But, it is a relatively new format for slate that BuildDirect is proud to be able to extend to homeowners and builders alike.

BuildDirect offers French Pattern slate tile has launched Cabot slate tile in pallet quantities (358.92 sq.ft.), shipping from multiple locations in the US, including both the Eastern and Western U.S coasts.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Accelerated Real Estate Solutions to Auction Off 190 Acres in North Texas

On Saturday, September 26, 2009 of this Texas Real Estate Land Auction event, this 190 +/-acre tract of Wise and Denton County Texas (Slidell/Denton, Texas) real estate will be auctioned LIVE ONSITE at 1:00 p.m. CT.

These parcels of Texas real estate will be auctioned off at TR 2 County Line Road, Slidell, Texas. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase some of the prettiest, most private land located close to Dallas/Ft Worth in North Texas! There is a variety of land uses and these real estate land auction events will give Buyers a wonderful real estate investment opportunity.

This Texas real estate has highly desirable land with excellent home sites in North Texas and restrictive covenants will protect your investment. This North Texas land is perfect for rural home sites and mini farms. It has pastureland for horses and cattle and cultivatable land for row crops. This is a High bidder's choice Auction and the property is being offered divided and will be sold in 10-40 acre tracts.

Event news and terms for these "Texas real estate land auctions" are posted online at Broker John Stahl, TX. # 0417781, Phone: 214-415-8008. Auctioneer Matt Blevins, TX. Auct. # 12077, Phone: 817-688-1464. Do not miss these real estate and land auction events. Buy real estate at Auction today! Details, registration and all terms and conditions on this real estate auction are highlighted online at Texas Real Estate Land Auctions

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pyramat S1500W Wireless Sound Rocker

Since we are in the modern age, seeing advanced stuff such as an innovative rocking chair is not surprising anymore. In fact, you may be thrilled to note that there is one available over at Amazon, the Pyramat S1500W Wireless Sound Rocker.

This lounge chair can be safely called a gamer’s chair as well. It comes with built-in speakers to make sure you get the ultimate gaming experience. Sounds are transmitted via wireless connection, eliminating the worries of additional disorganized cables coming your way. This lounge style gaming chair is compatible with all game consoles, TVs, DVD players and MP3 players.

The chair also offers a multi-player connection allowing up to 8 players to hook into the same audio output. A control panel on the right side of the lounger allows you to adjust both volume and bass levels. The lounger is generously padded and is constructed of a breathable mesh microfiber fabric.

Price: $79.99

(Source) Amazon

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Super Celebrity Estate Sale Being Held for Martina McBride, Sheryl Crow & Blair Garner

An estate sale, being conducted by Berenice Denton Estate Sales of Nashville,TN,featuring items from the homes of multi-platinum country superstar, Martina McBride, Grammy award winning pop-rock artist, Sheryl Crow and Blair Garner, host of the nationally syndicated radio show, After Midnite, is being held September 9-13, 2009 at 2950 Del Rio Ct in Franklin, TN. This historic Empire home, Mapleshade, built by the Y.M. Rizer family in 1880, is filled to the brim with fabulous items such as furniture, decorative accessories, window treatments, cabinetry, artwork, books, vintage toys, chandeliers, mirrors, and much more!

"It is a pleasure to work with such wonderful, humble celebrities that have made Nashville their home." Said Berenice Denton owner of Berenice Denton Estate Sales and Appraisals. "I look forward to meeting all of their fans and being a part of this amazing opportunity to take home a piece of memorabilia from their favorite stars!"

Among a few items featured at this estate sale extravaganza are Martina McBride's antique Waltham player piano, Brunswick billiard table and French carved king size bed, a beautiful marble top chest and console table from Sheryl Crow and a trestle table and child's antique fire truck riding toy from radio personality Blair Garner.

Dates and Times for this sale are:

Wednesday, September 9th-Friday, September 11th- 8am to 5pm, Saturday, September 12th - Sunday, September 13th, 9am to 4pm.