Sunday, February 24, 2008

How to Turn to Cheap and Unique House Refurnishing

Whether you are starting a brand new phase of life or bored of the same look around, you will definitely want to change the decor of your house. Redecorating the house is easy if you have a specific goal in mind. You should have an idea about how exactly you want the new decor to look. This article will not only give you tips on home redecoration, but also help you achieve your goal within a small budget.

Maybe you have a traditional decor and you want to make it feel more contemporary. Maybe your house is more of a bachelor pad and you feel the need for a more formal ambience. Whatever the case, study each of the rooms in your house and try to understand what is making your rooms look renovation worthy. Is your house too cluttered with many living room furniture pieces? Do you want your home to look formal? Would you prefer a soothing environment in your house or an energizing one? Once you have understood what is wrong with your current decorations and decided exactly how you want the newly decorated house to look, the process of refurnishing will get much easier.

Now you must think about the changes you need in the color settings. Often the simplest and cheapest way of changing the look of the house is to change the wall colors. A boring room can get an instant uplift with a pop of colors. These days you can even get wall colors with beautiful textures that make their own style statement. You may not even need wall decorations if you choose the wall color smartly. As you decide about your color choices and other arrangements for each room, keep a notepad and pen with you and jot down all your preferences. This will keep you from getting confused later.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The ADDRESS at Wack Wack Mandaluyong, Philippines

Here is a good investment opportunity for people who are looking for luxury and style as far as Condominium living with class is concerned. The ADDRESS at Wack Wack is strategically located in 30 storey condominium building in Mandaluyong City, Philippines which is easily accessible to business centers, schools and shopping malls. Easy access towards transportation and main roads is also an added luxury and living with the high-end condominiums as well puts you in good company.

They have standard units available in:

  • 1 Bedroom Executive (58 SQ.M.)

  • 2 Bedroom (76 SQ.M.)

  • 3 Bedroom (114 SQ.M.)

Parking allocation:
ALL UNITS COME ALREADY WITH PARKING SLOTS, 1 slot for 1 bedroom, 2 slots for 2 bedroom, 3 slots for 3 bedroom, Penthuse units all have 3 slots)

Just check out the features of the ADDRESS:

• Double height Manhattan inspired grand lobby
• Concierge services
• Infinity pool on the top most floor
• Multi-purpose Social hall
• Fully equipped gym and fitness center
• Units fully finished with upscale materials
• 2.5m wide corridors
• 3 High speed elevators
• Sufficient Back up power
• 3.0-3.2 m floor to ceiling height
• All units with appurtenant parking slots
• Fire alarm and smoke sensitive sprinkler system
• Provisions for phone and cable connections
• Special garden and penthouse units available
• 8-15 units only per floor, low density development
• Scenic views of Wack Wack Golf and Makati, Ortigas skyline

For inquiries you may email me at with your complete name, address and contact numbers. We can also schedule site visits at your convenience.

Taking out a Loan for Property Investments

One thing that hinders people from making investments in properties and real estate is financial capacity to support their want. Even before the financial crisis that has hit our world today came, financial management is something that has always been an issue that deprives people from making wanted investments in the world of real estate and property management today.

With these in mind, it makes you want to wonder if it would be best to take out a bank loan or wait for a miracle to happen. Let us take them separately.

Bank Loans
It is easy to apply for a bank loan. Most banks and financial institutions offer housing loans to people but with added interest. Truly, some people may find it hard to invest in properties with the current cash funds they have. Properties need millions to attain and unless you are among the financially blessed families, chances are you will be considering loans to assist you.

They usually offer fixed annual rates and amortization schedules depending on the amount you are planning to borrow. These in turn become financial burdens for people since the monthly amortization requires them to pay the principal amount plus the accrued interest. Taken altogether, your monthly expenses are expected to balloon. The worst scenario is not being able to settle the monthly amortization schedule which would in the end become a reason for them to place you in the bad credit bureau and even foreclose your property in the end.

So from here, it is indeed easy to take out a loan. But the consequences that follow later is entirely disheartening but a reality we all have to face. So when you make a bank loan, make sure you can manage and afford it.

Waiting for Miracles to Happen
This is the long shot wishes to which people would pray for miracles in the form of inheritance, sudden winnings from lottery or big commission on sales. These are not the usual things that you can expect to happen everyday. They come once in a lifetime if you are indeed lucky. But if you base it on consistency, they are just one shot deals that may or may not happen.

There are others who prefer to do it the traditional way of saving from what they earn. For sure, time will not be on their side, since it will take years for them to accomplish. But as far as toiling and sacrificing for a common goal or good is concerned, the personal fulfillment of it al will truly be amazing in the end. You may not enjoy everything for your entire life but at least you lived it while you are in the world. Further, treat it as an investment for your offsprings. That alone is the best gift and example you can have them inherit from you.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cagbalete Island Investment Opportunity in the Philippines

If you love the beaches of the Philippines so much, why not invest on them. Cagbalete Island is now on the process of developing his part of the pinky white sand and sparkling-clear water beach-front. A reasonable but worthy vacation spot rather than continuously wasting your money booking reservations and paying for occasional visits to the lovely beaches of the Philippines.

Facts about the Investment Offering:

Travel time:
Cagbalete Island is just 4-hour drive from NAIA Terminal and 45-minute boat ride to the Cagbalete Island

Travel cost consideration and road access:
Mauban Quezon (to Cagbalete Island) can be travelled by road from opposed to Boracay.
Local and International travellers usually are from Manila/NAIA

Land Area:Cagbalete Island has app. 1,700 hectares (as opposed to, say Boracay, of less trhan 1,100 hectares

Investment cost:
Php 5,000/square meter (initial offer) as opposed to that of Php 20,000/sqm of Boracay's beach front

Beach set up:
The beach-bed has wider and flat-like front. Safer to kids, and amateur swimmers.

If all seems tempting to you, just drop an email at

Let me know what else you would need and I would gladly furnish you with additional information, data and documents for the investment opportunity.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Le Grande Studio Room For Sale

A small condo unit in Anapolis St., Greenhills is being offered for sale. Studio type. Selling price is Php 2 Million pesos exclusive of dues and fees.

email at for more details.