Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Taichung, Taipei: A Country Worthy Checking for Investments

One thing that separates most countries as far as economy and maintenance of their society solely lies on the nature of the people who make up the population. Such can be seen in such places as Taipei, where pollution is no where to be found, all owed to the people who show their love for their country. A person’s love for his country will not be appreciated through mere expression. It is through their practices and traditions that make them different from the usual cultural heritages of each country.

People will be surprised that after such efforts, it is their homeland that will surely be the benefactor as well as the tourists like me who will be awed by how a country can be so beautiful and clean. Taipei has what it takes to be among the top tourist sites, but one thing that I have noticed is that the universal language, English, is not practiced that much here. While the people are courteous and stand proud, a little bit of awareness as far as being tourist friendly would help boost the publicity and ratings of this country that has a lot of promise.

Rarely would you hear noise pollutions like honking cars, accidents, and dirty sidewalks here. One thing that has caught my interest is the fact that most people use moped and scooters for travel. And yes, they ride them in the streets 24/7 without much danger to be concerned about. The store hours such as the CarrieFour operates 24/7 as well as most restaurants that put premium in service to customers locally and abroad.

While shopping may not be ideal here, people can expect to see a lot, ranging from food to electronic items. The highways are something to look forward to since they are masterfully structured and rarely would you see traffic as a main problem here.

One shocking thing here is the fact that people even go out on the streets naked just to be able to sell things from gums to cigarettes. This was something that really caught my surprise. Girls aged from 18 to 20 are either wearing silk tops, bikinis or nothing at all and they are all legal, all without malice of course. Again, it all depends on the culture of the people who reside here and how they express their love towards the country and where it should be properly going.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blog Adviser Officially Opens!

Blogs are alternative methods of writing wherein most people can compose anything they want and in the manner they would want the mood to be set. A combination of a website with rich content in the manner and design that any person would want to be known, blogs have become a good source of therapy and income for the chosen. The latter of which may draw conflicting inputs since focusing on income generating content would sometime take out the true essence and meaning of the entire post. Notable here is the focus of people on the use of keywords, repeating them at will so that search engines can easily find them once queries for particular words are being sought.

Blogs are familiarly known as online diaries where people share their experiences and stored knowledge in the manner they want to express them. Nobody knew that blogs would eventually become a money-making practice for sites which want to expound on various topics and genres that their website is to be known for. Today, social networking services such as Friendster, Multiply, Hi5 and MySpace, have not only offered a chance for people to expand their network of contacts but also to hold online diaries for their colleagues and friends to see. Usually, life experiences, business knowledge, setbacks, accomplishments and photo images are the main contents of the blogs that these people make. Such a practice also allows people to hone their grammar and typing skills and further enrich their vocabulary.

The Blog Adviser, created in November 30, 2006 is a project that Orble made possible. The site is hosted by the Orble Network and its main purpose is to be able to provide information, actual experiences and business related content to share with Orble bloggers and other people seeking rich content information. Unlike most blog marketing sites, the purpose is to provide useful and colorful insights and expound them in the best possible way, not only through properly termed topics but also through actual experiences as witnessed and dealt with by the person who will be handling all the posts on a daily basis.

The Blog Adviser aims to focus on business related issues and information based on actual research work and strategic management practices from real life business management issues. With the actual hands-on experience of handling a local trading company and business consultation services to various local and foreign companies, the Blog Adviser is expected to be among the top sought after sites for information and explanations with regards to varying issues on the business and management side for professionals of today and tomorrow. Links and images will be used to coincide with the posts, not just to optimize the site but also to serve as supporting proofs with regards to the validity of the posts to be made.

On the side, The Blog Adviser will also provide some freestyle writing content from personal experiences that combine poetry and stories into one. While these posts are mainly for adding some counseling and advise to online people who want some pastime reading, especially the romantically inclined individuals, the freestyle writing section promises to give worthy and reliable actual experiences for people who seek answers from life.

Hence the Blog Adviser has commenced and started its part in contributing towards the blogging era and each visitor is expected to be satisfied in both the business and personal aspect. For more information, the Blog Adviser can be visited today at .