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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Furniture

Contemporary furniture and modern furniture are not necessarily similar, although they may seem very similar to each other. Contemporary is referring to a set of aesthetics while modern is relating to a school of design.

Contemporary and modern pieces of furniture have become very prominent lately. Both have made their way to elegant furniture boutiques because of their classy and interesting designs. Although, they both share some common stylistic designs, yet, they are not of the same classification.

Contemporary furniture

Contemporary would refer to a set of furniture belonging to the same time frame. And, it does not matter what time frame it belongs to. Take for example a 1970's contemporary dining room. It would mean that all the pieces in the dining room are all made during the 1970's. A contemporary style of furniture would normally relate to a style that uses modern materials such as chrome, glass, and metal. The overall composition of a contemporary style furniture would incorporate sharp edges, angles, and asymmetrical lines. One thing you would notice about a contemporary design is its smooth texture with less carvings and other decorative details. There are many contemporary styles that greatly vary depending on the country or place they originate. Japanese contemporary, being popular nowadays, has its own style that uses a low surface, a straight line, and a simple design. There is also a European contemporary, as well as American contemporary, which are both popular too with their own distinct touch of style.

Modern furniture

Modern style of furniture would rather focus itself on modernism as its best description. The word modern is basically referring to a school of design. In other words, it does not actually refer to the time frame in which the pieces of furniture were made. Modernism primarily focuses on the function of the furniture. Although, later on it became a blend of modern arts concepts regarding furniture designs. Modern furniture pieces are mostly made of plastic or molded plywood materials. This style of furniture has greatly been inspired from Japan and Asia. The Japanese look in Western furniture is remarkable. It had a striking impact when it first came out towards the end of the 19th century. In fact, one of the most famous contemporary pieces is the Noguchi coffee table. This was designed by a Japanese-American. On the other hand, during the 1920's, Bauhaus school in Germany had a number of designers who revolutionized the look of modern furniture. Indeed, the Werkbund which is also in Germany has manufactured modern furniture that were wonderfully crafted. Moreover, modern furniture is definitely effective in providing aesthetic and functional benefits. A collection of this pieces are designed to fit various sizes of space without foregoing their functionality.

5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Apartment for a More Comfortable Living

Finding the right apartment takes a lot consideration. You need to look for a favorable location, consider what you can afford, think of what you really need, ask for recommendations from people you trust, and visit different units in order to find the perfect place for you to live in.

Moving is not that easy. Aside from adjusting to a new environment, you need to find a place to rent that will suit all your needs. To help you find the perfect apartment unit, here are some helpful tips:

Look for a favorable location

When searching for an apartment, the number one thing to consider is the neighborhood. Nobody wants to live in place that is unsafe. Maybe you want a peaceful place where you can really relax when work is done, without so much noise from the outside. Furthermore, you also need to consider the accessibility of your apartment from your office. Walking distance is a great advantage. However, if you cannot find an affordable place near your place of work, at least make sure it is accessible to public transportation. See if there is a hospital or convenience stores and groceries nearby for more convenience. If you have children who will attend school, it would also be great to find an apartment close to it.

Consider what you can afford

Affordability is a must here. You need to consider how much you can afford on an apartment. This is where your priorities are tested. Considering that your budget is limited, it does not necessarily mean that you will have to rent apartments that are old, dirty, and mismanaged. Another option for you could be getting a nice room but with very limited space and less amenities or an apartment that is inaccessible. It is all up your priorities. To help you lessen your rent, consider having an extra room rented out by a person you can trust.

Think of what you really need

Next, you have to consider your basic needs in an apartment. You need to go into details like the number of levels or floors you prefer, the number of rooms, the room sizes, the number of bathrooms, the kitchen size, the heating and cooling systems, and whether or no you need a balcony or other additional features. If you have a pet, look for a place where pets are allowed. Do you want a building with an elevator or a ramp? Do they have laundry services or a fitness gym? Make sure the location is safe, too. Are the locks reliable? Is there an emergency exit? These things are very important for you to consider so you can decide which apartment is right for you.

Ask for recommendations from people you trust

Before you go checking out apartments, ask family and friends if they happen to know a good place you can rent according to your specifications. You can also consider using the services of a broker, but be sure that your broker is reliable. It is also advisable not to rely on only one broker so you can increase your options. Aside from this, you can also check out the Internet for online listings. This is especially helpful when you are planning for a temporary business or vacation stay in a foreign country, where you have no friends or relatives residing in the place. Just make sure you’re searching on the right website and that you review client feedback and reviews. In addition, to help make your search a lot easier, just type in the place where you wish to stay and the word “apartment.” For example, type Tangier apartment if you wish to find a place to rent in Tangier.

Visit different units

As much as possible, visit as many apartments as you can, but never waste your time visiting the ones that do not meet your basic needs. When visiting prospects, check on the lights, the faucet, and other important features to make sure they really work. Do not hesitate to ask questions about repainting when it's needed before you move in, as well as other repairs needed. Try to negotiate the rent and ask for vacancy rates. This will help you determine whether the apartment is well-managed or not. Talk to neighbors, too. They will provide you with important information about the place and the landlord.

Looking for an apartment can be very stressful, but as long as you know your needs and your limits, you search will be a lot easier. Negotiate and keep your composure when questioning things to keep good relations with a prospective landlord.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

4 Major Types of Sunburst Wall Decorations for a Complementing Wall Design

Major types of sunburst wall decals such as wood, metal, terracotta, and ceramic can complement in designing any wall space.

Sunburst wall decorations are attractive wall decals perfect for wall centerpieces. These have become very popular for their exquisite use of different types of materials. These wall decals can complement your wall depending on the types of materials that the buy sunburst wall decor is made of. Sunburst wall designs can actually be made from incorporating different types of materials. However, below are the major types of materials that are generally used to make a sunburst wall decoration:


Sunburst wall decorations that are made of wood are the most versatile type of material that can be incorporated to any sunburst wall decals. Wood gives any wall space an earthy look. Wood element could also enhance the popular geometric design of sunburst wall decals. It can also give a three dimensional texture. Driftwood are also very popular as an additional accent in most sunburst designed wall decors. Wood designs are also reflecting soft-spoken edges that can complement any furniture styles near the wall.


Metal is the most popular material that is commonly used in sunburst wall decorations. Most sunburst designs are made from brass, iron, bronze, or silver metal. Since sunburst mirrors are also one of the most popular design, metals such as silver or brass could best complement the whole structure. Metal is also very contemporary and modern. Using this material could complement the modern interior and abstract design of any themed wall. Clocks, sun faces, and mirrors are the most common designs that uses any type of metal materials. Bronze and aluminum metals are also very common materials. These are used to emphasize modern art design that completes your wall furnishings.


Sunburst wall decorations can also be made from terracotta clays. This type of sunburst decal is perfect to complement garden walls of green houses. Such material is perfect for an environment-friendly themed wall. Terracotta sunburst wall decal emphasized a rustic designed centerpiece. Sunburst decals made of terracotta are also very durable and economical. Sculptured terracotta clay can be a very attractive wall hanging as the burnt clay is a very exquisite finished itself. The rustic appeal of terracotta sunburst wall decals is great for both indoor and outdoor use which best complements any garden patio or walk ways.


Though ceramic is not an ideal material used for sunburst wall decals, some designs requires these type of materials to fully accentuate a sunburst design. Ceramic sunburst wall decals are a fragile type of wall hanging that best completes a marble finished wall. These types of sunburst wall decals may not be common but can be very effective to complement sophistication on a themed wall design.

Sunburst wall decoration also adds light and a sense of space to your home. These sunburst diametric designs makes your wall more attractive. It adds more texture to the wall's flat dimension. Upon using the different types of sunburst wall decals you could surely complement any type of wall designs that suits your taste and style.

4 Great Techniques on How to Fix Curling Area Rugs on Laminate Flooring

Curling area rugs on laminate flooring is a common problem. But you can fix this problem with these techniques: reverse rolling, ironing and steaming, placing heavy objects, and utilizing rug tapes.

An area rug is one of the basic necessities in interior design. It has become one of the few versatile home decorations. Just by laying it on the floor, it can instantly improve and beautify any room, whether it is the living room, bedroom, hallway, or dining area. The only problem about it is it keeps on curling especially when they are placed in areas where people usually stay or walk around. And it sure does not look good in that way inside the house. But this problem is nothing to be worried about because they can be fixed when you do the following:

Reverse rolling

Most area rugs have latex at their backs to hold up its foundation or the back weaving. Latex is a pliable material so there is a tendency that when your rugs curl up, they will stay in the same way unless you do something about it. One very easy way to fix it up is by doing the reverse rolling technique. Just roll half of the rug’s length on the opposite direction of its curl and leave it for a few minutes. It gets rid of the curl after you unroll it.

Ironing and Steaming

Applying heat or steam is another way to fix curled up rugs. They work effectively as they do with any fabric. All you need is a flat iron or steamer. Uncurl the curled part of the rug and press a damp cloth to soften the fabric. Set the iron and steamer in normal temperature and press it on the rug until it straightens out.

Placing heavy objects

Another way to fix this problem is by placing heavy objects over the curled part of the rug. This could be the sofa, table, or any other furniture. Their weight will help flatten the rug out, though you have to disarrange some of your furniture at home for a while. But if you want to fix it without distorting the arrangement of your furniture, you can also stack some of your books on the rug. Use those that are large and heavy like encyclopedias, almanacs or dictionaries. If you really want to flatten the whole rug, try putting it under your mattress. Just make sure that you put it in the right position before flattening it out. You can leave it for several days or until you think that it’s already fixed.

Utilizing rug tapes

Rug tapes keep and hold your rugs in place even in high traffic areas. The good thing is they don’t cause any harm to your floor.

5 Effective Methods on How to Keep Accent Rugs in Place

To keep accent rugs in place, all you have to do is place them under the furniture, put some non-slip rug tapes or strips, apply non-skid rug coating or sprays, put stay-put rug pads underneath them, and sew some Velcro unto the rug for carpet floors.

Whether your floor is laminate, hardwood, tile, carpet or marble, putting accent rugs on your floor is a great idea to decorate your space. They add color and details to your room as well as give a comforting and welcoming atmosphere to it. But, you might have noticed that they keep on moving around especially when you place them in high-trafficked areas like the living room, and you often find yourself always putting them back in places where they belong. But you need not worry about this problem anymore because below are simple solutions in keeping your accent rugs in place:

Place rugs under the furniture

One way to keep rugs from moving and keeping them in place is by placing them under the furniture. Heavy furniture can do the trick. It could be the sofa in the living room, the tables and chairs in the dining room, or the bed. The weight of the furniture will prevent the rugs from wandering on the floor.

Put non-slip rug tapes or strips

Non-slip rug tapes or strips can also be placed at the backside of your rugs to keep them in place. They are available in rolls at affordable prices. They also are removable and have no damaging effects to whatever flooring you have. They also prevent rugs from curling. When using these, make sure your floor and rug are clean and dry so that the adhesives stick properly. Cut into appropriate lengths and press them at the back. Make sure to place a tape or strip to each side of the rug and in the middle. Remove the liner to expose the other sticky side of the tape before laying the rug on the floor. Test the rug if it still moves. Add more tapes when needed.

Apply non-skid rug coating or sprays

Rug coating and sprays are alternatives to rug tapes and strips. Tapes and strips aren’t machine washable so they strip off quickly when washed. The coating and sprays hold very well so you may not have to reapply them often. They are applied at the back of the rug and when dried it will form a non-slip coating. They also keep rugs in shape and prevent them from shredding.

Put stay-put rug pads under the rug

Rug pads are textured mats made of rubber material that adheres to surfaces. They are excellent in keeping rugs from moving around. They can be purchased at sizes similar to your rug or larger in which you can cut into appropriate sizes yourself. They not only prevent rugs from slipping but they also make rugs easier to vacuum and help prolong its life.

Sew some Velcro unto the rug

Sewing some Velcro at the back of your rugs can keep them in place in carpet flooring. Sew the ‘teeth’ part of the Velcro at the back of your rug and place them on the carpeted floor. The ‘teeth’ will hold on the carpet fiber thus it prevents the rug from moving.

6 Important Considerations that Will Help You Decide Whether You Should Renovate Your Own Bathroom or Hire a Contractor

In deciding whether you should remodel your bathroom yourself or hire a professional contractor, you need to consider your budget, the type of remodeling you are going to have, your willingness to do all the work, your skills, your time, and the people who will work inside your house.

There are some renovations and remodeling at home that you can do all by yourself, but there are those that will require a professional contractor to do it for you. The question now is, if you want to remodel your bathroom, how will you know when you can do it yourself to save on costs and when to deal with a contractor? The following factors will help you make the wisest decision:

Your budget

This is probably the foremost thing you need to consider before you even think of even hiring a contractor. Many homeowners decide to do all the hard work for renovating their houses to save on costs of hiring a professional contractor. So how much is your budget, really? Ask for quotations from contractors and bathroom remodelers. If you can afford to hire them and you are quite hesitant to do the remodeling yourself, then there is no problem. But if your budget is just enough to cover the needed materials and fixtures, you might want to renovate your bathroom yourself.

Type of remodeling you are going to have

Ask yourself what type of renovation you are going to do and how complex the renovation is going to be. There are certain bathroom renovation jobs wherein your are going to need the service of a professional bathroom remodeler, such as window replacement and shower tiling. If it is just shower retiling or doing uncomplicated tiling tasks like vinyl tiling, you can probably just do it yourself to save on costs. You can also do toilet installation by yourself.

Your willingness to do all the work

Even if you can do the remodeling of the bathroom yourself, are you really willing to do all the work? Consider all the job you need to such as estimation, the canvassing, and purchasing of materials. Are you willing to sacrifice your weekends or even staying up late at night to finish the renovation yourself? Think also of the injuries you might get in remodeling your bathroom. Determine what equipment you might be using and how risky they would be for an amateur like you. However, if you have done other renovation projects for your home in the past, this might not be a great concern for you and you may not think of getting a contractor to do the renovation for you.

Your skills

Before you decide to remodel your bathroom yourself, try asking if you have the skills needed to do it yourself. Can you really do it all by yourself? If you need to rewire something in your bathroom or replace your shower heater, for example, be sure you know how to go through it. Make sure you know the techniques in getting things done. It is also important if you have had experience working on simpler home renovation projects to gain some skills and expertise. Furthermore, ask yourself if you can handle it when things go wrong or when you encounter some renovation problems? When you hire a professional contractor, you can be sure that they have the skills and expertise to get things done. When problems arise, they can find solutions more easily as they are more exposed to such challenges. When you encounter some glitches with your remodeled bathroom, your contractor can guarantee you for back jobs within a certain period of time, free of charge, without having to work and spend on the fixing yourself.

Your time

Another equally important thing you need to consider is your time. Do you really have the time to renovate the bathroom yourself? You may say that you can do it on weekends and probably spend some late night work for it, but can you finish the job in such a time that does not give much hassle to its users? If the remodeling needed is very minimal, then maybe you can do it yourself and save a lot of money. If it is quite complicated and you think that it will take you weeks or even months to finish it, maybe you can hire a contractor to do it for you. Contractors may have two or more men working on your bathroom, depending on the nature of your bathroom remodeling, to get things done within a reasonable period of time.

People who will be working inside your house

If you renovate your bathroom yourself, you would not have to worry about the people inside your house or maybe in your room as opposed to hiring a contractor. If you plan hiring a bathroom remodeler, ask yourself if you are comfortable with people working inside your house. Is there someone who can look after them to give you peace of mind while you are away? It is not that you do not trust contractors, but there are just some people who are not comfortable with strangers working inside their homes and this is one thing you need to consider.

These are just some of the important things you need to consider when you are torn between doing bathroom remodeling yourself or hiring a professional contractor. On the other hand, you may also think of other alternatives, such as doing part of the renovation yourself and leaving the rest to the contractor to save on costs. At the same time, you will save yourself from doing the more complicated and strenuous part of your bathroom remodeling.