Thursday, December 25, 2008

Store it Flexibly with LiquidCardboard Solutions

At times in your home, you have the problems of placing things in one holder or another just to avoid seeing them spilled over your desk or the room floors. The problem is what do you use? Old cans? The trusty pencil and pen holder or just stack it up anywhere. The issue is sometimes concerned with size and accommodation but all that has been covered if you use this eco-friendly solution for better organization called the “LiquidCarboard”.

Check out the video for potential solutions to your home storage needs.

“Cardboardesign products combine a cool-looking aesthetic in durable, non-toxic, earth-friendly furniture.” She continued, “A perfect choice for any green’ household, Cardboardesign combines ‘high style’ with ‘eco-friendly’…it’s furniture that is fun and functional!”


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keep Bad Spirits Away with a Pakua

Are you superstitious? Do you believe in bad luck entering your home? Well if you are, chances are you may want to consider placing a Chinese symbol at your doorsteps or any door of your home to make sure you are safe.

The Pakua has long been known to protect and ward off spirits from entering your home. Bad luck is said to be brought into homes by bad elements entering your home. And we are not referring to people but the supernatural.

Chinese Feng Shui is now being used by most people when they put up homes. It normally includes the position a room is facing or where the house is situated. While you are at it, add that Pakua to the mix if you want to be fully secure as far as warding off the bad omens from entering your home.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Light Up Homes with Candles during Christmas Time

Treat your home right this Christmas. While we cannot stop most home owners from using their appliances and Christmas lights extensively, perhaps some moments of using candles in key moments while at home can really spice up the old style ambiance that Christmas really brings to our homes.

Scented or not, candles can really churn your home and make it into one cool habitat and by checking out the home interior specialist stores, you can secure such candles at proper times deemed fit for your pad.

Here are some good stores where you can check what candles are right for your home setting.

1. Yankee Candle
2. Zionsville Candle
3. Candlemart
4. HomeGoods
5. Pottery Barn
6. Anthropologie
7. Target
8. Candelicious
9. Kmart
10. Illuminations
11. Pier 1
12. Love to Know
13. Cierra Candles


Friday, November 28, 2008

Are you Happy with Housing Prices Falling?

If you haven’t noticed or read the news, it has been reported the house prices are falling rapidly and this is due to the impending crisis that has pulled the real estate market as well. Is this good or bad?

It is good if you are the consumer that has saved and would want to get your own home. The time to finally purchase that dream house is now and you have the luxury of choosing what you want. So as far as people are concerned, good housing at these lowered rates is an opportunity that many have longed for, even before they started escalating towards inappropriate levels.

On the other hand it is bad for the economy since it means that our businesses are dropping and the developers are destined to lose a lot. It can also mean inferior use of materials for living as the best way to drive down the cost is to turn towards alternative raw materials to help ease the burden of potentially devastating losses in the real estate development process.

So as a consumer, it is a good thing but for investors, it may be bad. Depending on which side you are on, it is a reality you just have to love or hate.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Housing Bailout or Home Price Manipulation?

We have been hearing financial bailouts being spread as far as the world of business is concerned but what about their branch concerning real estate and properties? People are in need of assistance too and surely many of them are in danger of losing their homes if no form of assistance is extended to mortgage problems.

Surely it seems that all walks of life are in need of bailouts. But while the monetary funds have been released, it is curious to note that these requests are short of saying to the government “Please Help Us All!”

Why? For one, you can just recall that one of the problems that contributed to the financial debacle of most financial groups are bad debts coming from mortgages and unsettled loans. So if the government should help, would it not look weird to save the banks and then save the people in need of assistance as well?

For sure more light on this matter of housing bailout will be talked about in the next couple of days. But for sure, it doesn’t take a genius to notice that housing bailouts seem to be asking too much although it does not necessarily cover all.

"The last thing we want to do is manipulate home prices," said Paul Willen, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and co-author of a recent study showing that foreclosures are following an historical pattern, not causing an unprecedented death spiral. "They need to find a level where homes become affordable, and buyers return."


Saturday, November 15, 2008

How to Find the Right Apartment

For people who are in the market for new places to live in, monthly rentals are surely one of their main concerns. Although you will not know what the actual rental rate of a certain apartment or condo unit would be until you call, you can really assess and gauge if it is within you budget depending on how long it remains vacant.

Some apartments for rent that are good and fair priced are bound to be immediately taken. But one thing you have to note is associating the actual apartment size with the asking rate. The lessors are bound to be open for negotiating the monthly rate but don’t expect it to be drawn down to levels that can match your budgeted rate for living.

Here are some tips on spotting crazy rental rates:

1. Assess the time it remains vacant. The longer it is, the expensive it is bound to be.
2. Survey the location. There has to be a reason why it takes some time for a place to be rented. It could be haunted or there may be issues such as constant flooding or even robberies.
3. Ask around and evaluate the neighborhood. When renting, you don’t have the privilege of security most of the time. Consider the people living in the area and on whether you can co-exist with them.
4. Check out the amenities. There are some lessors who do not take into consideration issues like plumbing or renovation. Some of these apartments have been up for some time and if they are not maintained, you may end up living in a minefield waiting for disaster to happen.
5. Do a Landlord Background Check. If you have the resources to check around on the lessors history, do so. It would be best to know the type of landlord you will be having.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Colored Carpets Based on your Room Theme

It is the dream of any home owner to implement the perfect blend of paint and the elements in a room but the problem with some is that they are hard to come by. Never has anyone found a perfect blend of mixing paint that matches rug color to perhaps walls and entire room furnishings such as the bed, cabinets and tables until Wear-Dated came along.

“An important aspect of our color forecasts is that a consumer can use them to create their own color palette,” says Ann Hurley, creative manager for color and product for Wear-Dated carpet fiber. “We want consumers to infuse their homes with color, and we hope that our tools inspire them.”

So now that Wear Dated has surfaced, home owners who remodel or are in the stages of designing their own homes have lesser things to worry about. Check out Wear-Dated and throw those colored worries away!

(Source) PR Log

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Surplus of Homes Building in Cottesloe, Dalkeith and Peppermint Grove

The rise in number of unsold homes in the real estate market is not really surprising. For one, who can afford to gamble and invest at this time considering that the economy is in one of its worst stages since some centuries back. Rather than commit yourself to paying a monthly amortization, people today are apparently becoming wiser. Make do with what you have and hope for the best. Things are bound to get better once all these financial turbulence settles down.

There are of course some people who are wishing that the interest rates and the price set for these properties would fluctuate in a downward manner. Lowering prices to affordable ones may be a home wisher’s dream. But that is unlikely to happen as covering the costs of building one home or condo unit is bound to conquer all these wishful thinking. The fact remains, they can just be left unsold.

One can just look at the 130 homes in Cottesloe, Dalkeith and Peppermint Grove. They are apparently sitting their and left to rot. Unless something significant hits the real estate market, this is a clear image of what to expect in most parts of the world.

“People in those areas tend to be more exposed (to a financial downturn) so they may be looking at rationalising their assets or downsizing.

“A lot of people may have been holding off and are now realising the market’s not going to go up further.”


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jessica Alba Models House the Eco-Way

Jessica Alba, a popular actress who is certainly someone who can afford a lot of the high-priced furniture and home furnishings today, is someone whom you would least expect to go for used items. But considering two hot topics today involved ECO, eco-friendly and economical, she is modeling her new home according to the logical way of living.

Apparently, she is thinking wiser. Old stuff placed in homes such as antiques to which people seem to be throwing away on sales is a common trend. But as they say, one’s trash is the gold of another and that is how most of the furnishings Alba has today has gone so far.

Interior decorator Kari Whitman scours antiques store, flea markets and a client's existing inventory before even thinking about new furniture. "The craftsmanship is often better in older pieces," says Whitman. "For Jessica Alba's house we bought almost every piece used."

(Source) InStyle

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Renovate your Home the Eco-friendly Way

One of the wonderful things about all of the attention that the environment has received recently is the fact that eco-friendly living has been at the top of the minds of many of the people around. For that reason, eco-friendly lifestyles have started to become considerations of major corporations and that in turn has led to a lot of them cleaning up their act and becoming more eco-friendly in the way they do things. They’ve also started making eco-friendly products, which in turn have made it easier for people to lead eco-friendly lifestyles.

One example of that is renovation. Renovating your home used to be one of the most wasteful activities you could engage in because of all of the materials you didn’t recycle and then all of the materials that you used up afterwards. However, nowadays there are tips for maintaining a lot of your house instead of renovating it as well as a number of tips on materials and techniques that you can use for an eco-friendly renovation. There are many different websites that have articles on this topic, but Scotiabank has certainly got a good one with their “Eco-Friendly Tips for Renovating your Home.”

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rise in Apartment Rentals Looms

Thanks to the celebrated foreclosures and failure to pay mortgages going around in the whole world today, what alternatives does a person have as far as being able to get a decent place to live these days for him and his family? The answer is quite simple…RENTALS.

Just like the traditional upstart yuppie, not all people are expected to afford the high prices in the millions for current real estate offerings in the market today. Normally, renting out an apartment or a condo unit is the first thing to do, trying to set aside savings from daily income for the meantime.

But there are people who thought that they could do the same, paying mortgages in installment and then settling their mortgage debt in about 25 years or depending on their agreement with financial institutions. Apparently some have failed. This has become a significant part of why groups as Lehmans Brothers and Morgan Chase are in the red. Due to unsettled debts and the controversial declaration of individual bankruptcy, many of these borrowers got off the hook and the government’s bailout plan aims to overrule this area.

This is why I view the bailout plan a high risk move. It is bad as an economic analysis is concerned. While you are helping banks and financial institutions from their debt drowning problems, you are also promoting further damage for incapable people to invest and not worry about failure to settle their financial obligations to the bank.

The financial economy is indeed falling and while the intentions on the outside feature of this financial bailout by Bush and his government is mean to do good, it is really causing more harm. So who is to blame? The credit departments of these financial institutions perhaps? Who else? They are responsible for approving loans are they not???

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kitchen Enhancing Ideas from the 2008 Design Lab Competitions

Electrolux has long been known as among the leaders in appliance solutions for the home and at the 2008 Design Lab Competition which showcased some fancy designs from undergraduate and graduate students in industrial design that can be future home kitchen appliances that are sure to hit the market.

Here are some of the Finalists:

1. The Flatshare Fridge from Austria by Stefan Buchberger

2. The Drawer Kitchen from Korea by Nojae Park

3. Sook from USA by Adam Brodowski

4. The IBasket from China by Guopeng Liang

5. Stratosphere from Hungary by Atilla Safrany

6. Vesta Cooktop from Germany by Matthias Pinkert

7. The Coox from France by Antoine Lebrun

8. The Scan Toaster from South Korea by Sung Bae Chang

9. The E-bag from Hungary by Apor Pupsoki

(Source) InventorSpot

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is Real Estate to Blame for Financial Gloom?

Read about it anywhere and it seems that the real estate business is a key reason that you will see on why we are in the economic crisis we are in today. With tons of receivables and people drowning in debt for failure to settle their monthly amortization, who can blame these big companies for filing bankruptcy or Chapter 11 due to inappropriate funds to continue operations?

Well, in the end, we only have ourselves to blame. How do we get approved loans if we are truly incapable of settling them on a monthly basis? People are witty. They forge required documents such as their gross annual income or other proof of billing and/or proof of actual income generated. This practice is done worldwide and unless there are good credit investigators commissioned to do the usual background check, chances are they will get away with it.

But most of that is in the past and now we are all in a big mess. The financial problems continue to compound our economic outlook. Will it be remedied? Well hopefully so. If not, only God knows what the future will hold for us and I am not only talking about the real estate business!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Desperate Real Estate Selling Tactics

We all know that in the real estate business, closing a sale is essential especially if you are commissioned based. But I find it stupid to see people standing in the middle of the road, handing out fliers to vehicles passing by them with the hope of making that big sale. For one, did they ever stop and think on whether the people in their vehicles would pull down their window just to get a flyer from them?

Pathetic marketing is what I would term it. Apparently, it is either they are not thinking or it is originating from some crazy idea that they can get a sale by being that aggressive. But being aggressive can be defined in many ways and that is surely not an aggressive way of marketing and closing a sale.

Secondly, it is obvious that these people fail to define the market that they are catering to. The only people who may eventually grab their flyers are the Class B market. Considering the hard times we have today, do you honestly think that these commuters can afford such high-priced investments even if you convince them that this is for their future?

The name of the game today is survival and being able to cope up with financial burdens is something that many find hard. So with that in mind, perhaps it would be best to think the marketing strategies that desperate real estate companies are employing right now. For areas such as Mandaluyong and San Juan City in the Philippines, owning your own property is one thing but the manner and timing of consummating that sale is obviously facing the wrong direction!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eco-Renovate your Home

Rather than move or give up on your home, you can always renovate. You don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals used in paints and home improvements of your interiors, there are eco-friendly options you can turn to as far as the interior designing enhancement of home interiors are concerned.

Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen or the living room, the normal recourse would be to turn to wallpapers or repainting. For both instances, you can check out the eco-friendly solutions that home improvement companies have at the moment. If you are in doubt, there are people like Justine Potts who can show you the way.

When Justine Potts set up Market London, a renovation and interior-design service in 2006, the property market was booming and most of her clients were looking to move. For a fee, Potts, who has an architectural background, would tell them what to do to their homes to maximise the amount of money they would fetch. What a difference two years make.

“When I first launched the company, it was 100% people wanting to sell,” says Potts. “Now it’s 100% the other way round. Even when it comes to setting a budget, people are looking at how much they would have spent on stamp duty and legal fees to move and are spending that.”

(Source) Times Online

Friday, August 22, 2008

Aaron Spelling's Widow Transferring to $47 Million Condominium

For millionaires and celebrities who have been used to the living large syndrome, you would be surprised at how they could adjust towards the cramped living of condominiums if they had to. In fact, some people who have been living in big homes with their families are known to have a difficult time to live on their own in apartments and condominiums so you have to wonder how big names could possibly fit in to the modern shoebox homes these days called condominiums.

But for Candy Spelling, the widow of television producer Aaron Spelling of Charlie’s Angels fame, she has declared that she is ready to give up living her manor for a $47 million condo. Whoa! If that is the price for the condo, you have to wonder what would be included in that eh? Also, how much could The Manor be worth right now?

For some people, it goes way beyond living filthy rich. Companionship is one issue. If you are a widow and living in a big house, who could be there to hear you or you could talk to?

This is perhaps one reason for her decided shift. It is great to live in large homes but with no one to share it with, it is totally worthless.

“People say, How can you move from The Manor? There’s no place like it,” Mrs. Spelling said, sitting in the library with leatherbound scripts of every episode of Mr. Spelling’s shows, from “Charlie’s Angels” to “7th Heaven.”

But a condo, she said, “is no different than a house, maybe even better.”

Mrs. Spelling is the most conspicuous buyer in an ultraluxury condo market that is new in the sprawl of Los Angeles, where wealth and fame have usually spelled out “estate,” not apartment living. But real estate experts say a New York-style luxury high-rise lifestyle is creeping into the wealthiest echelons, fed by trends like people looking to own more than one home, foreigners drawn by the weak dollar to invest in Los Angeles, and new residential buildings being designed by celebrity architects like Robert A. M. Stern, Richard Meier and Jean Nouvel.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leather Up your Old Furniture

One thing about old furniture, modern designs these days come in class if they are in leather. Most of us may have a couple of sofas or even lazyboys around and one thing you will notice is that it is hard to maintain them. Leather is not easily washable and if you are not careful on upkeep, chances are they will easily dilapidate in quality.

But thanks to new ideas and concepts, you can always turn to leather covers to liven them up again. For the normal leather furniture, this is a good option. On the other hand, if you have been using that traditional cloth linen to protect your sofa or couch, why not upgrade it to these leather covers? Not only are you spicing up your furnishings but you are also upgrading to the modern design concepts that everyone is gearing to.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Prime House and Lot For Sale in Mandaluyong, Philippines

A prime house and lot, 5 years old, is being sold in the area of Mandaluyong Philippines. The property is situated in one of the prime spots of Mandaluyong City, Philippines and is being offered at PHP 20 Million (negotiable).


1. Lot Area: 212 SQ/M
2. Floor Area: 267 SQ/M
3. 4 Bedrooms
4. 4 TB
5. 2 Car Garage

email: the Letter of Intent or for site visit scheduling 3 days in advance.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Luxurious Cosmovoide Bed

We have seen a lot of bed concept and ideas but the Cosmovoide bed has to take the cake. If you were a fan of the 80’s TV series Mork and Mindy, this bed capsule design is sure to be a familiar site. Equipped with various multi-media gadgets and technology features, this bed will certainly be something to behold for people who can afford it. It is estimated to be worth around $60,000.00 which may as well limit this bed design to people who have LOTS of money to spare.

Their luxury bed is shaped like an egg (to either give you Morkian dreams, or wrap you up in cozy cosmic harmony or some such nonsense), has hammock-like suspending springs, seven rainbow-coloured LEDs, a telephone, and a DVD/home theatre set-up including a TV at its foot. Most fascinating? Its twin "electric relaxation bed frames," which just get the mind boggling. That price is the base model, by the way: it's customisable, according to its crazy French manufacturers.

(Source) Gizmodo

Monday, July 28, 2008

Future Condo Designs From James Bond

Each time we see a James Bond movie, there is something bound to astound us as far as gadgets and places are concerned. Being an action flick, we do not normally see a home where 007 would stay in. But the funny thing is that at some point of the film, especially the love scenes with his leading ladies, we see futuristic room designs that can really push a person to think of his pad.

Check out these photos from Pierre Cardin’s place which is sure to bring you back memory lane. These designs are certainly familiar “The Spy Who Loved Me” which had Roger Moore playing James Bond. A great concept for studio owners who want to design their pad in style.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Former Star Sues Realty Company for Breach of Contract

Former NBA star Matt Geiger has reportedly sued Global Asset Holdings LLC for apparently failing to live up to its commitment to sell his property, a 28,000 square foot estate at 3385 Old Keystone Road valued at approximately $19.9 million. Geiger wanted to move to Tampa Bay with a more-family oriented atmosphere but all that seems to be lost with the failed transaction.

Originally, Geiger had received an offer of $15 million dollars for the property, but since he wanted to honor his agreement with Global Asset Holdings LLC, he rejected the offer.

Global Asset Holdings LLC opted out of the deal due to the prevailing market conditions. Talk about honor and commitment, I cannot blame Matt Geiger for suing the company. Just imagine the opportunity he lost in millions of dollars!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Real Estate Falling Due to Stricter Borrowing Requirements

It was bound to happen. With world economy on the downturn, the apprehensive approval that most financial institutions and lenders provide for people wanting to invest in real estate has evidently become tighter. So as far as this trend is concerned, the real victim would be the real estate developers who seem to be in for an uncertain future as far as closing deals mostly based on financial structures through real estate loans and money borrowing.

This should not come to a surprise. Even in the other business sectors today, we see these financial capacity to pay as a main obstacle towards doing business. In short, most businesses are being careful on their collections and accounts receivables since the need to increase the allowance for bad debts of these companies is not a good sign for corporate operations.

On the real estate side, people have nothing to lose. They can still earn up and get that eventual dream home in the end. Apparently the only loss they have is the time element. For the real estate binge, it is about looking at investments simply lying there until the economy improves for the better.

(Source) Yahoo Finance

Monday, June 30, 2008

Renting Over Leasing

The hard times are evident and while having a home is practically everyone’s dream, you cannot help but consider the fact that renting is perhaps the cheaper alternative than the usual monthly mortgage these days.

We see mortgage rates practically double the typical rent expense we get today. The difference however is that when you lease, you are leasing to own. Renting is paying a monthly fee for shelter. But the real debate is can you handle the leasing cost over the rental cost.

Without a doubt, it would be better to lease. But consider the expenses you have to account for. Would you have enough in your pockets in the end? Such is a dilemma that people have to consider. Perhaps renting is a good alternative for the meantime that we are in crisis. It all depends on your personal budgeting and financing.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Invest in the Right Real Estate Properties

Real estate is something that many people will definitely invest a lot in. However, the proper analysis, timing and considerations for property investments are a definite need.

Real estate investments are indeed something hard on the pocket and normally, people would be wise to think twice on using loans to help finance their desired investment venture.

Property and real estate investing is indeed a good recourse. However, it also needs sanity and maturity as far as investing in tempting properties is concerned.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Watch out for the Real Estate Scams

With a crisis-ridden world today, you are bound to encounter some con artists who will try to con you out of your money. Much of them prey the real estate business and mislead you. Not all people have settled the premiums of their homes and for sure, expect some scam brokers to come knocking on your door and give you options. Options for them to earn and steal away from you of course.

That is just the thing these days. You can no longer tell who are genuine and who are not. Mortgages and loans especially in the real estate sector has had its share of these scammers. So whether you trust you broker or not, be careful. You may end up losing more than just getting rid of back debts in mortgage bills for your home.

The most basic involves pushing on homeowners' phony documents that appear to be a new mortgage application. These are known as rescue loans which, if correctly represented, give a homeowner the cash to stave off a foreclosure. Instead, these false documents turn over the title.

A more sophisticated version of this scam involves a rent-to-buy provision. Here, a mediator matches a distressed homeowner with a management company that takes over the property while giving the homeowner the ability to become a long-term renter, with his rent paying down the mortgage.

(Source) Yahoo Real Estate

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

High Cost Real Estate Markets Today

Hard times are here and apparently much has hit the real estate binge. People are apprehensive of buying property these days and much of it is because they cannot afford it.

There will be of course loan options where you can borrow a certain percentage of the whole price of the property and pay in installments. But if you are the wise pencil pushing person today, you also have to manage your finances. One non-payment will incur penalties which in turn will become additional expenses unsolicited.

You will be surprised though that some countries like London, Monaco, France, and Hong Kong could care less about the crisis besetting us today. For them it is business as usual and while the turnover of these properties may not be that fast, they are willing to wait. They believe in their work and apparently someone will come along and buy these properties. Well…hopefully that is.

Despite global economic concerns, the credit squeeze, and rising commodity prices, properties in the world's most expensive neighborhoods are still commanding ferocious premiums. While $1.5 million in Cleveland or Tampa would probably purchase a substantial house, with four bedrooms, a multicar garage, and maybe even such amenities as a swimming pool and media room, in London's Belgravia or on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, it would buy you little more than a glorified shoebox.

(Source) Yahoo Finance

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Does the Philippines Care about Green Homes?

Green homes and living is famous word today but apparently some countries like the Philippines are not buying it. This third world country, apparently one of the leading Asian continents that is vastly suffering from poverty, knows how it is to live green but apparently is apprehensive on investing in it.

Much of this is pointed at cost. Not all people can afford the new green technology in the market today. Add to the fact that some of these green inventions are not available in third world countries just yet. These places are always the last to be updated except for technology breakthroughs.

With that in mind who is to blame? The leader of the Philippines or the Filipinos who seem to be lagging in development and better lives today?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Real Estate Fraud Gets out of Hand

Crisis is something that is upon us and if we are not careful on how to deal with them, we may end up with a double black-eye in the process. Real estate and mortgage issues are one of the leading problems we have to face today and apparently most people have to be careful with the people they are dealing with.

If we as individuals are having trouble these days dealing with the growing pains of financial burdens, others are using it as an opportunity to con and cheat people out of their money and property. While many would play savior and offer some help for us to survive these financial crisis we find ourselves in, it would be best to properly analyze the whole situation since we may very well end up being the biggest losers in the end with totally nothing to show.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

EDSA Shangri-La Hotel For Sale

Size: 87 Hectares

Situated in lush gardens in the heart of Manila's Mandaluyong City financial and commercial district, the hotel offers exceptional convenience for both business and leisure travellers. Within easy walking distance of Manila's most celebrated shopping mall, the hotel is just 7km from the Makati Business District and 13km from the Manila International Airport.

Accomdation: 632 elegant guest rooms and suites with traditional Filipino design.

Selling Price: Php 60 Billion Pesos

Notes: Should client be interested in purchasing the said property, we would appreciate a letter of intent or offer to buy with bank certification where ready cash was deposit as payment for the said property.

Admiral Hotel For Sale

2138 Roxas Boulevard
Manila, Philippines

Status (Not operational)

Room Amenities:
 Newspaper (Free)
 Hair Dryer
 Refrigerator
 Television (Movies/Pay)
 Television (Cable/Satellite)
 Microwave Oven
 Television
 Phone In Bathroom
 Private Bath
 Balcony/Terrace
 Mini-Bar
 Radio/Alarm Clock
 Shower
 Air Conditioning (In Room)
 Bathtub
 Telephone
 Non-Smoking Rooms
 VCR (In Room)
 Daily Maid Service
 Safe (In Room)
 Kitchen/Kitchenette

Hotel Details:
 110 Rooms / 8 Floors
 Built in 1938
 Fax (For Guests)
 Babysitting or Child Care
 Elevators
 Shops/ Commercial Services
 Laundry/ Dry Cleaning Service
 Concierge/ Club Floor
 Business Center
 Deposit Box
 Secretarial Services
 Car Rental
 Express Check-Out
 Concierge Services
 Common/Public Areas Accessible to Wheelchairs
 Barber/Hair Stylist
 Pets Allowed
 Currency Exchange
 Front Desk (24 Hour)
 Smoke Alarm in Rooms
 Photocopy Service
 Newsstand
 Gift Shop
 ATM/Bank
 Modem (For Guests)
 Doctor On Call
 Air Conditioned Building
 Sprinkler in Rooms
 A-V Equipment Rental
 Security (24 Hour)
 Room Service (Limited)
 Health Club - Limited
 Health Spa/Massage
 Pool (Outdoor)

Selling Price: Php 500 Million Pesos

Should any client be interested in purchasing the said property, we would appreciate a letter of intent or offer to buy with bank certification where ready cash was deposit as payment for the said property.

Heritage Hotel For Sale

As reported, the Heritage Hotel is for Sale.

Details and Specifications:

Physical Address: Roxas Blvd. cor Edsa Pasay City



HEIGHT : 9 storey with basement

NUMBER OF ROOM: 467 Guest Rooms

AMENITIES : Swimming pool
High tech key lock system
IDD Telephones
Mini bar
Fully equipped Gym,
Grand Ballroom that seats 500 guests
4 function rooms
Restaurant Riviera (Western and Oriental Dishes)
Sunset Boulevard
American Bar
Hua Ting Cantonese Restaurant (with private dining rooms)
Business Center
Helicopter Landing Pad
Doctor’s Clinic
Gambling Casino

PRICE : PHP 30 Billion Pesos
Should any client be interested in purchasing the said property, we would appreciate a letter of intent or offer to buy with bank certification where ready cash was deposit as payment for the said property.

Real Estate Bank Rumor Mill: Philippine Hotels Up for Sale

News Flash!

Due to the numerous inquiries of the Manila Prince Hotel availability, I took the liberty of looking around for other hotels that are for sale in the Philippine area. Guess what! I got a couple of well-known hotels that are being offered for sale and they are in operation.

1. Edsa Shangrila Hotel
2. Heritage Hotel
3. The Ambassador Hotel

Details to be posted individually. Watch out or be the first to inquire to avoid being shelved into the line of inquiring clients.

You can email me at so you can get the first crack!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Philippine Hot Springs Land For Sale

Hot spring resorts are famous in the Philippines and if you are in the market for such a great investment read on.

Currently the property and other property owners beside this potential parcel of land wants to sell this promising spot located at Laguna. The total area being sold is 87 hectares.

Here are some specifications:

- Located at Calauan Laguna
- Agricultural Type
- With Natural Geothermal Source
- Two ways to get to area.
- Selling at Php 1,000.00 per square meter
- Seller shoulders Capital gains tax and compensation of
- Beside Hidden Valley Springs Resort.

If you are interested in this potential property investment in the Philippines, email me at for further details on the wise investment you can possibly make.

Sentosia Philippines Condominiums for Sale

If you are in the market for great condominiums today, chances are you should better check out the Sentosia Condominiums being offered in the Philippines today. Sentosia offers an entirely new meaning in the condominium concept and provides you the opportunity to own luxury condo-townhouses along the Bay City of the Metro Manila area.

Almost anywhere in the world, bay areas are almost always the site of prime real estate developments, whether commercial or residential. Catch the fresh sea breeze coming from the sea and enjoy a front seat view of the famous Manila Bay sunset.

It is practically an opportunity not to be missed if given the chance to live in the Bay City.

Proximity To Other Destinations
Without the hassle of traffic, Sentosia Condominiums is very near the capital city Manila and the Makati Business District. The site is just ten minutes away from these cities. It is also near the neighboring provinces of Cavite and Laguna where major industrial parks are located.

The project is conveniently close to public transportation terminals and major establishments such as SM Mall of Asia, Blue Wave strip, Dampa Seafood restaurants, S & R, banks and gasoline stations.

Value for your money!
Sentosia Condominiums are sold per square meter at very low rates compared to other housing developments. Your investments appreciate faster because of its prime location. It is worthwhile mentioning that the Bay City will soon become a major tourist destination and enjoy international recognition. There are various financing schemes accepted:

  • In-house Financing

  • Low interest rates with accredited banks

  • For inquiries you may email me at

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    How to Turn to Cheap and Unique House Refurnishing

    Whether you are starting a brand new phase of life or bored of the same look around, you will definitely want to change the decor of your house. Redecorating the house is easy if you have a specific goal in mind. You should have an idea about how exactly you want the new decor to look. This article will not only give you tips on home redecoration, but also help you achieve your goal within a small budget.

    Maybe you have a traditional decor and you want to make it feel more contemporary. Maybe your house is more of a bachelor pad and you feel the need for a more formal ambience. Whatever the case, study each of the rooms in your house and try to understand what is making your rooms look renovation worthy. Is your house too cluttered with many living room furniture pieces? Do you want your home to look formal? Would you prefer a soothing environment in your house or an energizing one? Once you have understood what is wrong with your current decorations and decided exactly how you want the newly decorated house to look, the process of refurnishing will get much easier.

    Now you must think about the changes you need in the color settings. Often the simplest and cheapest way of changing the look of the house is to change the wall colors. A boring room can get an instant uplift with a pop of colors. These days you can even get wall colors with beautiful textures that make their own style statement. You may not even need wall decorations if you choose the wall color smartly. As you decide about your color choices and other arrangements for each room, keep a notepad and pen with you and jot down all your preferences. This will keep you from getting confused later.

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    The ADDRESS at Wack Wack Mandaluyong, Philippines

    Here is a good investment opportunity for people who are looking for luxury and style as far as Condominium living with class is concerned. The ADDRESS at Wack Wack is strategically located in 30 storey condominium building in Mandaluyong City, Philippines which is easily accessible to business centers, schools and shopping malls. Easy access towards transportation and main roads is also an added luxury and living with the high-end condominiums as well puts you in good company.

    They have standard units available in:

    • 1 Bedroom Executive (58 SQ.M.)

    • 2 Bedroom (76 SQ.M.)

    • 3 Bedroom (114 SQ.M.)

    Parking allocation:
    ALL UNITS COME ALREADY WITH PARKING SLOTS, 1 slot for 1 bedroom, 2 slots for 2 bedroom, 3 slots for 3 bedroom, Penthuse units all have 3 slots)

    Just check out the features of the ADDRESS:

    • Double height Manhattan inspired grand lobby
    • Concierge services
    • Infinity pool on the top most floor
    • Multi-purpose Social hall
    • Fully equipped gym and fitness center
    • Units fully finished with upscale materials
    • 2.5m wide corridors
    • 3 High speed elevators
    • Sufficient Back up power
    • 3.0-3.2 m floor to ceiling height
    • All units with appurtenant parking slots
    • Fire alarm and smoke sensitive sprinkler system
    • Provisions for phone and cable connections
    • Special garden and penthouse units available
    • 8-15 units only per floor, low density development
    • Scenic views of Wack Wack Golf and Makati, Ortigas skyline

    For inquiries you may email me at with your complete name, address and contact numbers. We can also schedule site visits at your convenience.

    Taking out a Loan for Property Investments

    One thing that hinders people from making investments in properties and real estate is financial capacity to support their want. Even before the financial crisis that has hit our world today came, financial management is something that has always been an issue that deprives people from making wanted investments in the world of real estate and property management today.

    With these in mind, it makes you want to wonder if it would be best to take out a bank loan or wait for a miracle to happen. Let us take them separately.

    Bank Loans
    It is easy to apply for a bank loan. Most banks and financial institutions offer housing loans to people but with added interest. Truly, some people may find it hard to invest in properties with the current cash funds they have. Properties need millions to attain and unless you are among the financially blessed families, chances are you will be considering loans to assist you.

    They usually offer fixed annual rates and amortization schedules depending on the amount you are planning to borrow. These in turn become financial burdens for people since the monthly amortization requires them to pay the principal amount plus the accrued interest. Taken altogether, your monthly expenses are expected to balloon. The worst scenario is not being able to settle the monthly amortization schedule which would in the end become a reason for them to place you in the bad credit bureau and even foreclose your property in the end.

    So from here, it is indeed easy to take out a loan. But the consequences that follow later is entirely disheartening but a reality we all have to face. So when you make a bank loan, make sure you can manage and afford it.

    Waiting for Miracles to Happen
    This is the long shot wishes to which people would pray for miracles in the form of inheritance, sudden winnings from lottery or big commission on sales. These are not the usual things that you can expect to happen everyday. They come once in a lifetime if you are indeed lucky. But if you base it on consistency, they are just one shot deals that may or may not happen.

    There are others who prefer to do it the traditional way of saving from what they earn. For sure, time will not be on their side, since it will take years for them to accomplish. But as far as toiling and sacrificing for a common goal or good is concerned, the personal fulfillment of it al will truly be amazing in the end. You may not enjoy everything for your entire life but at least you lived it while you are in the world. Further, treat it as an investment for your offsprings. That alone is the best gift and example you can have them inherit from you.

    Saturday, February 16, 2008

    Cagbalete Island Investment Opportunity in the Philippines

    If you love the beaches of the Philippines so much, why not invest on them. Cagbalete Island is now on the process of developing his part of the pinky white sand and sparkling-clear water beach-front. A reasonable but worthy vacation spot rather than continuously wasting your money booking reservations and paying for occasional visits to the lovely beaches of the Philippines.

    Facts about the Investment Offering:

    Travel time:
    Cagbalete Island is just 4-hour drive from NAIA Terminal and 45-minute boat ride to the Cagbalete Island

    Travel cost consideration and road access:
    Mauban Quezon (to Cagbalete Island) can be travelled by road from opposed to Boracay.
    Local and International travellers usually are from Manila/NAIA

    Land Area:Cagbalete Island has app. 1,700 hectares (as opposed to, say Boracay, of less trhan 1,100 hectares

    Investment cost:
    Php 5,000/square meter (initial offer) as opposed to that of Php 20,000/sqm of Boracay's beach front

    Beach set up:
    The beach-bed has wider and flat-like front. Safer to kids, and amateur swimmers.

    If all seems tempting to you, just drop an email at

    Let me know what else you would need and I would gladly furnish you with additional information, data and documents for the investment opportunity.

    Thursday, February 14, 2008

    Le Grande Studio Room For Sale

    A small condo unit in Anapolis St., Greenhills is being offered for sale. Studio type. Selling price is Php 2 Million pesos exclusive of dues and fees.

    email at for more details.