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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Floor and Room Number Please?

For most aspiring condominium investors and owners, the dilemma of determining the best floor to where their would-be unit will be situated in is something that most people will have a hard time thinking of. While most people couldn’t care less, issues that include where its location is on the building are really more important, especially for superstitious people. Some parties may even go for the corner rooms since it covers a larger portion, not to mention adjacent views from their end. The price for these locations will surely vary, but considering the benefits from such acquisitions, the price variance will surely be worth every penny.

For real estate developing giants like Ayala Land and Century Properties, these are just some of the unheard issues that most people would encounter in the model unit bargaining and negotiation suites. For top honchos who want the best and can afford the best, the race is on for the first-come first-served units, usually the first ones to be run out. Like for example in Ayala Land’s Serendra project, practically all the good places have been signed, sealed and to be delivered. For the agents, filling up the left out space allocations is their nightmare, and this is something that will surely be an issue to resolve. But then again, for business owners who put premium in investing towards property asset management, they can always lease these areas out, especially to foreigners who seem to be leaning towards these accommodations rather than staying in hotels where the daily rates are really outrageous!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dream Houses and Ambiance in a Person’s Mind

Each person has their own ideal home in mind, the components of which are important. Of course, the standard composition of areas in a house include the room, kitchen and the toilets but for some, expanding them as far as dreaming of having a den, living room, audio room, guest rooms and a recreational area will be among the usual add-ons that most people would dream of.

So why do people want these add-ons when owning their own home is the only purpose for retreat at times where everyday rigors and wear and tear will be its main agenda? The answer is that there are various ways of relaxation and therapy to soothe battered minds and bodies, owing to the fact that it professions carry most of the load of people who live everyday. Homes and properties are more than just investments but a base where people can recollect their thoughts and recharge for their daily chores.

Real estate and properties offer a wide variety of options. The number of bedrooms or even compact studio designed pads provides some of the available and usual investments that most people can choose from. While the prices may be commanded in large amounts, the options for down payments and flexible installment plans are given to help people afford the said prices which would usually cost millions, depending on the currency rate governing the said area. One thing that is for sure, any investment in property and assets is something that is a good investment, although the matter of getting real about assessing on whether they can afford to be tied down to such investments for a given period is also something that should be taken into consideration.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cramped Land, Residential Building Investments

At the rate that housing has been a given demand, the available areas to which people can be able to invest and select the security of their future is slowly becoming nil. Fact of the matter is that most of the real estate developing companies have been beating the gun on most would be investors who dream of putting up their own homes and residential areas where they may find retirement at the twilight of their careers. While in a sense, real estate developers have a keen purpose for these underdeveloped areas, sole ownership and space allocation is slowly becoming rare for the people who put emphasis on privacy and retreat.

Most real estate developing companies have been putting up high rise condominiums one after another, leaving behind limited selection proceedings as well as modern style of living. While some countries have turned to condominium housing as a means of future investment, the battle on the modern design and availability is what leading companies such as Ayala Land, Robinsons Land and Century Properties has been employing as of late. Showrooms that reveal the planned infrastructure and latest design of most home seeking people have widened the possibilities, but unfortunately, they will only own a portion of the property and this does not include the land itself, a tactic that most real estate developers had surely drawn up beforehand.

With limited possibilities, the jump for actually investing in land and placing improvements have been limited towards the suburbs and provinces, areas which have not yet been resorted to since most of the land properties located in the metropolis is the preference by practically everyone. Most people still lean towards the urban standards of living and this is the opportunity that allows most people to look forward to. Suburb areas are peaceful in a sense, but considering the fact that most potential investors would still need to earn a living, most of which are situated in the urban areas, the ease and convenience of such factors which include transportation, waiting time and work schedule are still contributing factors to which most people should ponder upon prior to such investments. No doubt about it, the choices for investing in the big cities have been severely trimmed down to mere portions or sections of an improvement that has been put up in purchased lands catered towards the masses.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Property Investment For The Filipino Future

One of the more common properties offered today includes that of small condominium units catered to bachelors or people who have been living independently today. While some people who can spare the necessary investment would get their own lofts for a manageable investment fee, these are deemed as not long term investments to which they shall be staying on and actually living on them. Rather, they are investments that can be offered for rent or lease in the future for students or business yuppies that want to take an independent route towards maturity, or probably a convenient place where they can be able temporarily stay in for easy access to nearby institutions such as universities or office location.

For one, transportation is not only becoming a hassle today in the Philippines, but also time consuming. The rising cost of fuel has tampered as far as the fare hikes of public transportation, not to mention that of fuel for privately owned vehicles that have become astronomically outrageous. The feasible way is to find a fairly priced boarding house or room to be able to save on daily expenses, usually for the weekdays only. Such has been the route of most Filipino citizens, especially for people that are situated in the provinces but choose to work in the metropolis, particularly metro manila. Vice versa, this is also what urban workers do when they are assigned to provincial areas, needing to find nearby lodging to save on cost and energy that travel time allocation will surely eat up.

Such has been the strategy for such real estate brokering giants such as Ayala Land and Century Properties Inc. These two real estate developing firms have geared up and strategically found places that cater to Class A and B markets, offering a luxurious array of designed units that are open for investing parties who may share the vision for the need of temporary lodging for most up and coming individuals. While the investment opportunity may seem steep and enormous at first, the rate of return from such investments should also be taken into consideration and should be considered as future assets on their behalf. This way, their hard earned wealth once asset declaration is in tow, can show a number of assets where properties owned will surely be the main focal point. Immediate purchase may not be a feasible thing to see for now, but thanks to the flexibility of actual investors and practices, payment schemes that cover as much as a 25 year deal can be made, a good investment considering properties by this time will have reached a more expensive amount.