Sunday, July 16, 2006

Searching for Empty Lots and Classy Residential Zones in the Philippines

Just like any other country, the Philippines is made up of residential zones that cater to all classes of the masses. Along with the classification of lots comes the land value that is usually determined as to how the development of that certain zone is at the moment. Most often, the more commercialized and privatized areas bring back a higher land value, usually in millions due to proper development and exposure. This is why initial public offerings (IPO) are given to target clients, usually to provide introductory offerings for places that are being developed by the local developers. Immediate assessment on the part of the consumers will be made for sure, and they will be varied in nature. It will all depend on how good people are at analyzing a given situation and how they project the environment to grow, probably in a given span of years.

For instance, the Greenhills area in San Juan, Philippines is totally dominated by the Chinese community as far as residential property ownership is concerned. The availability of houses and lots for sale in this area is rare to find, and unless people are content with living in high rise condominiums, looking forward to a built house in the suburbs of the Greenhills area may be close to impossible.

Who wouldn’t want to live in the Greenhills area, considering that they cover all the needs a person would have. A supermarket, (Unimart and Cherry Shaw Blvd.), the shopping malls, dining and restaurant outlets, movie houses, hospitals (Cardinal Santos Memorial Hospital), churches (Mary the Queen and Santuario de San Jose), and easy access to convenience stores all around, what more can a person ask for? There are many empty lots, but they are pre owned.

Curiosly, there is an empty lot that is close to the Greenhills West Clubhouse. This is a good space to put up a dream house but the details have yet to be given. For sure this shall be the eye of many brokers in the Philippines. Perhaps the foreign investors who view this site may be interested in such a place. If I had the money to buy such an investment opportunity, then I would not think twice.

If there are any interested people in this area, you can drop me an email at or just post a comment. I will get the specifics once needed and requested.