Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Taichung, Taipei: A Country Worthy Checking for Investments

One thing that separates most countries as far as economy and maintenance of their society solely lies on the nature of the people who make up the population. Such can be seen in such places as Taipei, where pollution is no where to be found, all owed to the people who show their love for their country. A person’s love for his country will not be appreciated through mere expression. It is through their practices and traditions that make them different from the usual cultural heritages of each country.

People will be surprised that after such efforts, it is their homeland that will surely be the benefactor as well as the tourists like me who will be awed by how a country can be so beautiful and clean. Taipei has what it takes to be among the top tourist sites, but one thing that I have noticed is that the universal language, English, is not practiced that much here. While the people are courteous and stand proud, a little bit of awareness as far as being tourist friendly would help boost the publicity and ratings of this country that has a lot of promise.

Rarely would you hear noise pollutions like honking cars, accidents, and dirty sidewalks here. One thing that has caught my interest is the fact that most people use moped and scooters for travel. And yes, they ride them in the streets 24/7 without much danger to be concerned about. The store hours such as the CarrieFour operates 24/7 as well as most restaurants that put premium in service to customers locally and abroad.

While shopping may not be ideal here, people can expect to see a lot, ranging from food to electronic items. The highways are something to look forward to since they are masterfully structured and rarely would you see traffic as a main problem here.

One shocking thing here is the fact that people even go out on the streets naked just to be able to sell things from gums to cigarettes. This was something that really caught my surprise. Girls aged from 18 to 20 are either wearing silk tops, bikinis or nothing at all and they are all legal, all without malice of course. Again, it all depends on the culture of the people who reside here and how they express their love towards the country and where it should be properly going.