Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cagbalete Island Investment Opportunity in the Philippines

If you love the beaches of the Philippines so much, why not invest on them. Cagbalete Island is now on the process of developing his part of the pinky white sand and sparkling-clear water beach-front. A reasonable but worthy vacation spot rather than continuously wasting your money booking reservations and paying for occasional visits to the lovely beaches of the Philippines.

Facts about the Investment Offering:

Travel time:
Cagbalete Island is just 4-hour drive from NAIA Terminal and 45-minute boat ride to the Cagbalete Island

Travel cost consideration and road access:
Mauban Quezon (to Cagbalete Island) can be travelled by road from opposed to Boracay.
Local and International travellers usually are from Manila/NAIA

Land Area:Cagbalete Island has app. 1,700 hectares (as opposed to, say Boracay, of less trhan 1,100 hectares

Investment cost:
Php 5,000/square meter (initial offer) as opposed to that of Php 20,000/sqm of Boracay's beach front

Beach set up:
The beach-bed has wider and flat-like front. Safer to kids, and amateur swimmers.

If all seems tempting to you, just drop an email at

Let me know what else you would need and I would gladly furnish you with additional information, data and documents for the investment opportunity.