Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eco-Renovate your Home

Rather than move or give up on your home, you can always renovate. You don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals used in paints and home improvements of your interiors, there are eco-friendly options you can turn to as far as the interior designing enhancement of home interiors are concerned.

Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen or the living room, the normal recourse would be to turn to wallpapers or repainting. For both instances, you can check out the eco-friendly solutions that home improvement companies have at the moment. If you are in doubt, there are people like Justine Potts who can show you the way.

When Justine Potts set up Market London, a renovation and interior-design service in 2006, the property market was booming and most of her clients were looking to move. For a fee, Potts, who has an architectural background, would tell them what to do to their homes to maximise the amount of money they would fetch. What a difference two years make.

“When I first launched the company, it was 100% people wanting to sell,” says Potts. “Now it’s 100% the other way round. Even when it comes to setting a budget, people are looking at how much they would have spent on stamp duty and legal fees to move and are spending that.”

(Source) Times Online