Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kitchen Enhancing Ideas from the 2008 Design Lab Competitions

Electrolux has long been known as among the leaders in appliance solutions for the home and at the 2008 Design Lab Competition which showcased some fancy designs from undergraduate and graduate students in industrial design that can be future home kitchen appliances that are sure to hit the market.

Here are some of the Finalists:

1. The Flatshare Fridge from Austria by Stefan Buchberger

2. The Drawer Kitchen from Korea by Nojae Park

3. Sook from USA by Adam Brodowski

4. The IBasket from China by Guopeng Liang

5. Stratosphere from Hungary by Atilla Safrany

6. Vesta Cooktop from Germany by Matthias Pinkert

7. The Coox from France by Antoine Lebrun

8. The Scan Toaster from South Korea by Sung Bae Chang

9. The E-bag from Hungary by Apor Pupsoki

(Source) InventorSpot