Thursday, April 09, 2009 Announces April as Free Loan Modification Month

For sure, there are a lot of real estate loaners in distress and for that matter, has decided to go easy and offer an indirect form of extension by announcing April as Free Loan Modification Month.

In explaining his decision to extend the offer of free complete loan modification services through the entire month, Mr. Taylor said. "With tax time bearing down on homeowners, plus the many other issues they face, especially those in need of loan modification help, we decided it would be in everyone's best interest to extend the offer to include the entire month. This way people can catch their breath a little after April 15 and still take advantage of the offer."

The offer is for more than a free consultation which, explains Taylor, is another reason for the extension. "Offers to provide free consultations are all over the place in the newspapers and Internet. We've yet to find anyone offering free, soup to nuts, loan modification representation and consultation. It's easy for a homeowner or Realtor to get confused and assume we're offering only the consultation. We want to give the totality of the offer a chance to sink in."

The April is Free Loan Modification Month offer ends midnight April 30, 2009. Realtors interested in offering free loan modifications to homeowners in their communities are invited to visit for details.

(Source) PR Web