Saturday, July 25, 2009

Appliance Art Releases an Inexpensive and Green Alternative to Purchasing New Appliances

For many, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. In the past, options for appliances have remained limited by color or texture. Decorating a kitchen relies heavily on personal taste, style, opinion and feel. It was with this in mind that GRIP Promotions releases its first ever line of consumer products: Appliance Art. Appliance Art is a line of appliance wraps that upgrade the cosmetic appearance of appliances. With static cling, magnetic and adhesive vinyl options, Appliance Art can be installed in a few minutes and will help to keep many junkyards, landfills, and appliance graveyards free from housing appliances that can still function for several more years.

"Our focus groups indicated that the main reason consumers replaced appliances was dissatisfaction of cosmetic appearance rather than the appliance malfunctioning," Said Grant Smith, President of GRIP Promotions. Grant adds, "It was in this research that we saw a demand for an inexpensive way to change the appearance of an appliance without replacing it. In this recession, feeling comfortable at home has become a higher priority. We wanted people to be able to feel that they can improve their homes without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace items in their kitchens." Appliance Art, all options priced at $44.99 with free shipping, intends to add additional categories and appliance options on a weekly basis.