Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pyramat S1500W Wireless Sound Rocker

Since we are in the modern age, seeing advanced stuff such as an innovative rocking chair is not surprising anymore. In fact, you may be thrilled to note that there is one available over at Amazon, the Pyramat S1500W Wireless Sound Rocker.

This lounge chair can be safely called a gamer’s chair as well. It comes with built-in speakers to make sure you get the ultimate gaming experience. Sounds are transmitted via wireless connection, eliminating the worries of additional disorganized cables coming your way. This lounge style gaming chair is compatible with all game consoles, TVs, DVD players and MP3 players.

The chair also offers a multi-player connection allowing up to 8 players to hook into the same audio output. A control panel on the right side of the lounger allows you to adjust both volume and bass levels. The lounger is generously padded and is constructed of a breathable mesh microfiber fabric.

Price: $79.99

(Source) Amazon