Sunday, April 04, 2010

5 Common Layouts of Kitchen Design

Here are layouts proven and tested to offer the best when it comes to kitchen designs: one-wall kitchen layout; corridor-style kitchen layout; L-shaped kitchen layout; double-L kitchen layout; U-shape kitchen layout.

Remodeling your kitchen is intended primarily on changing the flow of the kitchen space and design. In other words, kitchen remodeling focuses on the basic and essential aspects of a kitchen. It is not so much on additional and new appliances, cabinets and counters. The aim here is to bring out a better kitchen design plan. Here are five layout types that you might want to use for your kitchen that needs some remodeling.

One-wall kitchen layout

This type of layout would serve best a kitchen room that is long and narrow. A one-wall kitchen design does not use a classic kitchen triangle design, yet, it does not hamper traffic flow inside the kitchen. Since this design is not the best one, it can still be improved with kitchen design plans like the corridor or the L-shape.

Corridor-style kitchen layout

This style of layout uses the classic kitchen design. A corridor-style basically has two countertops on both sides making this design a very functional one. It provides more space for cabinets and counters too. Moreover, this kitchen design is very affordable and is highly recommended to be used in kitchens.

L-shaped kitchen layout

An L-shaped layout is as well-known as a corridor design. And, it is capable of avoiding the clutter problems in a corridor plan. This layout provides more space, thus, you can even install a double sink on the countertops. The drawback here is that the corner space on the counter would make it difficult for you to reach when during food preparation. Although, a solution to this would be to use this counter space at the corner as an area for storing and displaying appliances such as mixers, oven toasters and other small appliances.

Double-L kitchen layout

This is a highly developed kitchen layout allowing two work stations that are both L-shaped. One is bigger than the other. The bigger L-shaped is designed for the preparation of the food, while the smaller one is for the major cooking.

U-shape kitchen layout

A U-shaped layout is similar to that of a corridor-style but with its end being closed. The advantage of having this type of layout is that it provides extra space for a range or a sink, and some additional cabinets. This arrangement also provides a smooth flow of work using the classic kitchen triangle.

Even if you hire kitchen remodeling contractors to do your kitchen improvement, it is still necessary and useful to know the different types of layouts as mentioned above. After all this is your kitchen. Knowledge and full involvement are two important things you must have when engaging in any remodeling project.