Sunday, October 29, 2006

Floor and Room Number Please?

For most aspiring condominium investors and owners, the dilemma of determining the best floor to where their would-be unit will be situated in is something that most people will have a hard time thinking of. While most people couldn’t care less, issues that include where its location is on the building are really more important, especially for superstitious people. Some parties may even go for the corner rooms since it covers a larger portion, not to mention adjacent views from their end. The price for these locations will surely vary, but considering the benefits from such acquisitions, the price variance will surely be worth every penny.

For real estate developing giants like Ayala Land and Century Properties, these are just some of the unheard issues that most people would encounter in the model unit bargaining and negotiation suites. For top honchos who want the best and can afford the best, the race is on for the first-come first-served units, usually the first ones to be run out. Like for example in Ayala Land’s Serendra project, practically all the good places have been signed, sealed and to be delivered. For the agents, filling up the left out space allocations is their nightmare, and this is something that will surely be an issue to resolve. But then again, for business owners who put premium in investing towards property asset management, they can always lease these areas out, especially to foreigners who seem to be leaning towards these accommodations rather than staying in hotels where the daily rates are really outrageous!