Monday, October 16, 2006

Property Investment For The Filipino Future

One of the more common properties offered today includes that of small condominium units catered to bachelors or people who have been living independently today. While some people who can spare the necessary investment would get their own lofts for a manageable investment fee, these are deemed as not long term investments to which they shall be staying on and actually living on them. Rather, they are investments that can be offered for rent or lease in the future for students or business yuppies that want to take an independent route towards maturity, or probably a convenient place where they can be able temporarily stay in for easy access to nearby institutions such as universities or office location.

For one, transportation is not only becoming a hassle today in the Philippines, but also time consuming. The rising cost of fuel has tampered as far as the fare hikes of public transportation, not to mention that of fuel for privately owned vehicles that have become astronomically outrageous. The feasible way is to find a fairly priced boarding house or room to be able to save on daily expenses, usually for the weekdays only. Such has been the route of most Filipino citizens, especially for people that are situated in the provinces but choose to work in the metropolis, particularly metro manila. Vice versa, this is also what urban workers do when they are assigned to provincial areas, needing to find nearby lodging to save on cost and energy that travel time allocation will surely eat up.

Such has been the strategy for such real estate brokering giants such as Ayala Land and Century Properties Inc. These two real estate developing firms have geared up and strategically found places that cater to Class A and B markets, offering a luxurious array of designed units that are open for investing parties who may share the vision for the need of temporary lodging for most up and coming individuals. While the investment opportunity may seem steep and enormous at first, the rate of return from such investments should also be taken into consideration and should be considered as future assets on their behalf. This way, their hard earned wealth once asset declaration is in tow, can show a number of assets where properties owned will surely be the main focal point. Immediate purchase may not be a feasible thing to see for now, but thanks to the flexibility of actual investors and practices, payment schemes that cover as much as a 25 year deal can be made, a good investment considering properties by this time will have reached a more expensive amount.