Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jessica Alba Models House the Eco-Way

Jessica Alba, a popular actress who is certainly someone who can afford a lot of the high-priced furniture and home furnishings today, is someone whom you would least expect to go for used items. But considering two hot topics today involved ECO, eco-friendly and economical, she is modeling her new home according to the logical way of living.

Apparently, she is thinking wiser. Old stuff placed in homes such as antiques to which people seem to be throwing away on sales is a common trend. But as they say, one’s trash is the gold of another and that is how most of the furnishings Alba has today has gone so far.

Interior decorator Kari Whitman scours antiques store, flea markets and a client's existing inventory before even thinking about new furniture. "The craftsmanship is often better in older pieces," says Whitman. "For Jessica Alba's house we bought almost every piece used."

(Source) InStyle