Sunday, November 02, 2008

Surplus of Homes Building in Cottesloe, Dalkeith and Peppermint Grove

The rise in number of unsold homes in the real estate market is not really surprising. For one, who can afford to gamble and invest at this time considering that the economy is in one of its worst stages since some centuries back. Rather than commit yourself to paying a monthly amortization, people today are apparently becoming wiser. Make do with what you have and hope for the best. Things are bound to get better once all these financial turbulence settles down.

There are of course some people who are wishing that the interest rates and the price set for these properties would fluctuate in a downward manner. Lowering prices to affordable ones may be a home wisher’s dream. But that is unlikely to happen as covering the costs of building one home or condo unit is bound to conquer all these wishful thinking. The fact remains, they can just be left unsold.

One can just look at the 130 homes in Cottesloe, Dalkeith and Peppermint Grove. They are apparently sitting their and left to rot. Unless something significant hits the real estate market, this is a clear image of what to expect in most parts of the world.

“People in those areas tend to be more exposed (to a financial downturn) so they may be looking at rationalising their assets or downsizing.

“A lot of people may have been holding off and are now realising the market’s not going to go up further.”