Friday, November 14, 2008

Colored Carpets Based on your Room Theme

It is the dream of any home owner to implement the perfect blend of paint and the elements in a room but the problem with some is that they are hard to come by. Never has anyone found a perfect blend of mixing paint that matches rug color to perhaps walls and entire room furnishings such as the bed, cabinets and tables until Wear-Dated came along.

“An important aspect of our color forecasts is that a consumer can use them to create their own color palette,” says Ann Hurley, creative manager for color and product for Wear-Dated carpet fiber. “We want consumers to infuse their homes with color, and we hope that our tools inspire them.”

So now that Wear Dated has surfaced, home owners who remodel or are in the stages of designing their own homes have lesser things to worry about. Check out Wear-Dated and throw those colored worries away!

(Source) PR Log