Monday, August 24, 2009

Double Digit Losers Lead Worst Housing Markets

They have changed from time to time over the year, but the Worst 25 U.S. Housing Markets forecast in 2009 are reaching the point where they're fitting into their positions these days. The worst economic conditions since the Great Depression have produced plenty of double-digit losers.

The financial crisis has triggered record foreclosures and is hurting communities across the country as Housing Predictor forecast. There are, however, improving signs for markets with a rise in home sales in some areas of the country with a handful of markets that will be the exception to the rule.

The Hottest 10 markets aren't confined to any particular part of the country scattered throughout the U.S. Housing Predictor's selection of the Hottest 10 Buyers Markets are based on research carried on over the entire year on all 250 local real estate markets Housing Predictor tracks. In most cases the markets won't appreciate much in 2009, but possess plenty of indicators to show that their housing markets will remain strong over the next few years, despite the down fall in the national economy.

Housing Predictor is consulted by the nation's foremost investment houses, banks, mortgage companies, real estate firms and most importantly consumers for more than 250 local housing market forecasts in all 50 states. Forecasts are updated regularly and changed as local market conditions demand over the entire year.