Monday, August 10, 2009

Master Gardener Lee O'Hara Releases Two New 'How To' DVDs

Master organic gardener Lee O'Hara ( is passionate about gardens, home grown organic food and teaching others the methods he has discovered through years of growing magnificent vegetables. "Awareness of the environment and our impact on it has increased greatly over the last decade. An organic garden is an excellent - not to mention delicious - action anyone can take to improve the environment and to improve health," O'Hara said.

"People just don't know how easy it is and how much fun it is - otherwise we would have more gardens than lawns," O'Hara continued. "The investment is small and pays back many times over with organic vegetables you would pay a small fortune for at the Farmer's Market. Especially if you watch my videos and avoid all the mistakes I made."

Seven of O'Hara's tomato plants, a few inches high, planted in April, produced more than 800 pounds of organic tomatoes by October and still had 10 or 20 pounds on the vine. Using raised beds, homemade compost, a few simple tools and procedures while working in the garden an hour or two per week, he produces far more food than he can eat. This results in well-fed and devoted friends who become avid students of his gardening methods.

The DVDs Organic Home Gardening Made Easy ($22.95 plus shipping and sales tax) The Organic Tomato ($12.95 plus shipping and sales tax) can be ordered on the website, by phone (818 249-2611) or by mailing a personal check or money order to EZ Garden, 2355 Honolulu Ave. Suite 200, Montrose, CA 91020. Order both for only $29.95 plus shipping and tax.