Friday, November 20, 2009

Eccentric Furniture Designs



Artists can be an incredibly eccentric group.  Part of the reason some become popular is their refusal to go by social norms, while many may find that paint on canvas is their style others aim for larger projects. 

Furniture is something we all have and see in our daily lives, and it’s just there and most of us are just used to it.  Some artists out there however aren’t content with seeing a couch as just a couch- they create some amazing art out of them.  In researching this article, there are many artists devoted to such a new take as the ‘same old thing’ and their creations are really something fresh and new.

The Edra collection is unique, and while many may scoff at it the images of the pieces the artist creates are really amazing.  The form and function of the pieces are really nothing like most of what is out there.


The website is definitely worth a look: The Edra Collection


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