Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tech and Furniture


While it’s all over some television shows (think CSI and it’s brethren) no one has really managed to mix technology and furniture into something that the masses at large have truly bought into.  The only one around that will even come to mind is the Microsoft Surface, which combines that of a pc and a table.

While it has (even still) a lot of promise, it simply isn’t in the average person’s price range.  No matter that a computer can be found for cheap, most people simply aren’t willing to spend the money on a piece like the Microsoft Surface, at least until the price comes down a bit.

Yet, it’s almost inevitable.  Eventually there will be a booming market for the mixture of tech and furniture.  When it will happen is really anyone’s guess, but the more technology integrates into our everyday lives, it’s seeming that it will be sooner rather than later.

While right now, only the truly geeky may grab things like the Microsoft Surface, eventually it will be everyone.  At least, as soon as a truly average consumer price is available.


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